Thursday, October 31, 2013

Percy and Zoey

Here are my two precious babies just chilling. 

Percy has decided that his litter box makes a cozy bed. Silly bunny

Percy has recently discovered Zoey and often peeks over to see her. 

Both the bunny and the budgie are doing very well, and have given me alot of comfort during my down time. 
I thought you all would enjoy these photos! 

Have a lovely day! 

Love Rebecca

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Epidural is Done

Hey everybody. Well- it's over-finally. I had the epidural injection this morning. And yes just as I feared it felt incredibly weird and unpleasant. The worst part was that Justin couldn't be with me during the procedure and that was very hard on me. Its really hard to be brave without him. 

Anyways- I was given novacaine but they had to give me more once the dr attempted to do the epidural. While it was mostly painless the feelings were very weird and uncomfortable. At one point or felt like a giant metal rod was being shoved down my leg. Not fun!! I am home now, sore and very out of it. 
And I have a bizarre muscle twitch in my right leg. Ugh. 

Justin treated me like a princess today- I got a donut this morning! And a special ice cream pie from Burger King, he made homemade calzones for supper and we ate ice cream while watching Monster's University. (Really good btw!!) 

My sore and swollen back :( 

Please pray the medicine takes effect and I won't need another shot. I just don't know if I would be brave enough to do that again. All right guys and gals, goodnight. Be good and I will chat soon. 

Love Rebecca
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I hate October

So I just realized that exactly 1 year ago from this past week, I was waiting for the results of an MRI for my ankle. There was a possibility of a tear in a muscle, I might need surgery etc.

1 year from that I had actually twisted my ankle. 

October is REALLY not my month. 

The epidural injection is tomorrow and I am beyond terrified. I don't like needles. They make me feel so sick. :( 

In conclusion- I really hate October now. 
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Photo of the Day!

One of my lovely readers suggested I try doing a sort of "photo of the day" on my blog, and I think that sounds awesome! 

I might also do a "favorites" of the day too. 

Thankyou to Stephanie for your suggestion! 

Ok, so for my first "photo of the day" or rather photos of the day- some antique cameras! 

A few months ago my husband went to a tag sale and found a few old cameras for a very cheap price. He purchased three and gave them to me as a gift! The one above is a movie camera. 

This Kodak camera was made in the 1950s and the lens is collapsable. 

This is another movie camera. The camera is upsidedown as it is the only way I could have it upright on my bookshelf.  

My back has been feeling better, the pain is usually in my hips and legs now. I will be having the epidural this coming Wednesday. Thankyou for all your prayers! 

Love, Rebecca

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's Chat!

Hey everyone! 

So I  *attempted* to make a vlog for you lovely people and my computer for some reason cannot read the file..... 


Anyways- Justin and I have started decluttering our home, we cleaned the closet out completely, threw out some stuff, donated some stuff and packed away some stuff. 

We also found a box in the closet, when we opened it there were smaller boxes inside full of old journals of mine and a ton of his letters to me. We had fun reminiscing about our dating years! 

I also happened to find a few giftcards from our wedding in an old purse of mine that are STILL GOOD!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! 

Project for this weekend is to continue to declutter and clean the rest of our bedroom then move on to the livingroom. 

How is your week going? 

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Epic Disney Medley- Peter Hollens & Alex G

*sigh*....the songs of my childhood! 
My mom often tells me when I was very small I would sit in a little toy car in front of the television and watch The Little Mermaid while eating a snack. 

My absolute favorite Disney cartoon now is Beauty and the Beast. I haven't seen that movie in years....

One of the nicest parts of being married is finding our old childhood movies and watching them together and just relive our childhood together. I guess I will need to find Beauty and the Beast! 

I hope everyone is having a great day! 

Love, Rebecca

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Etsy Shop Review for MyBugs

Real Butterfly Wing Earrings (Urania Ripheus FW - E073) - Buy 2 Get 1 Free
So, as you all know I LOVE butterflies! I recently found an Etsy shop that sold butterfly related jewelry and I was quite intrigued as I had never seen anything like this before. 

After first making sure that the wings were ONLY acquired from cruelty free butterfly farms when the butterflies naturally died, and that the metal is hypo-allergenic, I decided to go ahead, buy a pair and see if they were really any good. 

The earrings are even more beautiful in person, and the lamination appears to be well done, now I just got these in so I can't review how well the lamination will hold up over time yet. 

The earrings took about two weeks to arrive, and the packaging for the earrings was quite pretty and plenty of bubble wrap :)  

The earrings are incredibly light and after wearing them for a bit I did not experience any pain/itching that happens when I wear non-hypoallergenic earrings. 

There are a ton of other colors, sizes and prices too! 

Check out the shop here at MyBugs 

I purchased the Urania Ripheus set, these wings came from a Sunset Moth. 

I think these would make a very nice Christmas gift for any butterfly, earring or unique jewelry enthusiast. 

Love, Rebecca

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I have come to the conclusion that the only thing worse than the back pain that comes with this lovely herniated disks situation is the complete and utter boredom that I have to endure. 

I am getting sick of movies, Netflix, tumblr, Pinterest, you tube etc. 

I want to go out, I want to clean and declutter my apartment. I want to go on a trip to PA like we originally planned and had to cancel. I miss doing crafts. I miss LIVING life. But the pain is just too much, or I have no energy. I have WAY too much time alone with my thoughts and I just get so frustrated. I am dying to reorganize my living room and kitchen. There is just so much stuff everywhere that needs to be gone through, thrown away, put away or cleaned. 

Justin and I did manage to declutter and go through almost all of our clothing. I just laid on our bed and told Justin what to do with each garment, but ugh- there is so much more that needs to be cleaned out. It's sad. 

It's 4am so lack of sleep and discouragement are strong right now, but since writing out my feelings usually helps relieve them, hopefully I can get to sleep now. 

To end this post on a positive note, I just want to thank everyone who left me the comments on my last post. They were so encouraging, you all have no idea how much your messages mean to me. I cherish each and every word. I have gotten through many bad days because of a kind message. You guys and gals are the best! 

Love Rebecca
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Still That Girl

A close friend of mine sent me this song and told me it reminded her of me. What a sweetie! I was very touched. 

So I recently saw the doctor who will be doing the epidural injection for the herniated disks. He was really nice so I that calmed me down a bit. Needles scare me TO DEATH so I am pretty scared of this whole ordeal.

The procedure is in two weeks so I have to wait - which means more time to dread the needle.... :(

In other news, I have been able to get out of my bed and apartment a bit! Justin took me out driving around to see the fall leaves. It was so pretty. I love New England at this time of year.


On a side note, I have received some messages, comments and other forms of communication accusing me of being "too depressing" about this whole ordeal and "why don't you just trust God about all this and rejoice that you aren't dying???"

Let me be loud and clear:

Yes, I am not dying, I know that. However, the situation I am dealing with is very hard FOR ME. I am dealing with the TOUGHEST SITUATION that I have ever faced so far in my lifetime. Reprimanding me for being discouraged or depressed about my situation does nothing but to discourage me further. I have issues with Panic Disorder, and I have to deal with Depression on top of everything else. I am not perfect, and I never want to pretend to be perfect. Am I struggling with my faith? Absolutely. Telling me that I need to set a good example for the younger christian ladies reading here is not helping. Just because I am a christian doesn't mean I will just magically stop struggling, and you know what? That's ok! It is perfectly ok to struggle. It is perfectly ok to have doubts and fear. Because in the end, my faith will be stronger, and I can be a comfort to those who feel hopeless and abandoned by God.


So that being said, a GREAT BIG THANKYOU to all the people who have been supportive and accepting of me during my time of struggles. Thankyou for your endless prayers and comments of encouragement.

And a HUGE thankyou to my darling Justin. He has been such a precious man, he has taken over the house, laundry and cooking completely. He has brought me home flowers to make me smile. He has stayed up all night to comfort me during panic attacks. He has held my hand when I am scared. I love him so very much. I could never get through this without him.  

Love Rebecca

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Friday, October 11, 2013


Made it to the doctors for MRI results this morning (a big thankyou for your prayers) and guess what?? I have not one but TWO herniated disks in my spine. So long story short I will be getting an epidural injection next week and wait for whatever the doctors want to do next.


On a side note I have started a weekly Bible Study/Counseling Session with an awesome young woman since I have been unable to get to church in months. My constant physical ailments have taken a heavy toll on my emotional and spiritual well being, and I have really been struggling a lot. Having someone to talk to and just be so understanding, encouraging and just accepting of my doubts and struggles is wonderful. 

Also- a HUGE shout out to Justin for being the kindest, sweetest and most patient guy in the world. I could never get through all of this without his love and ability to lighten my spirits and mood, 

Love, Rebecca
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To Clarify

Some of my readers misunderstood yesterday's post so I am going to clarify! 

My husband was going to take me to the doctors, the problem was we live in a basement apartment, so my only options are to walk up a hill or walk up a set of stairs, that is the problem. 

Justin is VERY involved in my healthcare, he takes very good care of me. He has had to leave work many times to take care of me. 

Long story short, I did not make it in today to the doctors due to my back being just too bad to get up the hill/stairs. We were going to try but even if I pushed myself the doctors office is difficult to get to. It's a long walk inside the building, there are no available wheel chairs and the seating in the office is incredibly uncomfortable. Long story short we have rescheduled. Whatever happened Saturday did me in for a few days. I am staying completely on bed rest to try to not aggravate whatever happened Saturday. 

Thankyou all so much for your advice and concern. Please keep praying! Thankyou!! 
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Monday, October 7, 2013


So..... My husband's grandma was having a big birthday party this past Saturday, we got ready to go but as soon as I got up the flight of stairs in our apartment building- the pain was unbearable. I don't know what happened but I guess walking up the stairs was just too much.

 I feel stuck now because that's the only way to leave my apartment is up a flight of stairs. Long story short I did not make it to the party. I am really sad because we are supposed to go to a wedding this coming weekend and it looks like I am not going to be able to go and I REALLY wanted to go to this wedding. I don't even know how I am supposed to get to the doctors tomorrow!!!! 
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Saturday, October 5, 2013


I have an appointment this coming Tuesday to discuss the results from the MRI
Thankyou all so much for your prayers and letters/comments of encouragement. It means the world to me! 


** please be in prayer for me- I tried to walk up a flight of stairs today and I don't know what happened but now the pain is severe and making walking extremely difficult 
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blue Bird Sewing Project/ Health Update

Hey Everybody!
So while I have been down and out with this bizarre back pain- I had a crafting idea! I drew up a pattern and found my felts and sewing supplies! 
Sewing Project! Due to being in pain still from my back it took a few days to finish. I created my own pattern and did most of the sewing in my bed!
I decided to make a blue bird! I made a photo-copy of my first pattern so I could cut out the parts I needed. 

Sewing Project! Due to being in pain still from my back it took a few days to finish. I created my own pattern and did most of the sewing in my bed!

After I had sewn on the wing, red breast and beak I decided to take a break- I was having immense problems sewing on the backside of the bird.

The next morning I woke up with very sore shoulders!!
 Not good! Thankfully it went away after a good night's rest,

Once my shoulders were feeling better-(and thanks to tutorial videos on YouTube!)- I was able to remember how to use a blanket stitch. 

Sewing Project! Due to being in pain still from my back it took a few days to finish. I created my own pattern and did most of the sewing in my bed!

Ta-Da! All finished! 

Little Blue Bird is going to be a gift for a friend. 


No news from the MRI yet- please pray it comes in today! 
The back pain is somewhat less now- it's still there and sometimes my hips throb badly. It really depends on how much I move around. I have had some really bad days, and some ok days. I still can't bend, so dropped items are hard to retrieve. I managed to drop a full glass jar of jelly and couldn't clean it up!!!! Thank the Lord my darling husband took care of it for me- I was so embarrassed. He is such a sweetie pie. 

I hope you all have a great day! 
- thankyou for all the kind messages of encouragement on my last post. Many of your kind words helped me get through a very difficult day. I love you all. 


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