Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jessica's Birthday

Back in April my sister-in-law, Jessica, had her 20th birthday! We celebrated her special day with Frisbee and a picnic! 

Out on the fields for Ultimate Frisbee

Randall has the Frisbee! 

Justin tackling Jo and Mike for the Frisbee 

My mom and dad -in-law sitting on the field watching the game

Garret, Justin and Randall at the break

Some of the girls taking a breather in between games

There's my man!! 

Jessica C. and her Pug

She's got the Frisbee!! 

Garret tossing it a little too low....

I was stuck on the sidelines because of my ankle injury, :( 

"What was that?"

Justin's cheesy smile.....   :) 

Back at my in-law's home we had a picnic and cake. 
Recognize that girl in the yellow sweater?? That's Melissa from Tale of the Four Brides!! 

Melissa showing off her baby bump :) 

The Teens playing basketball while the burgers were grillin'

Trevor goes for the slam dunk!

Mike's got the ball!

Look at the yummy burgers!!

Jessica cutting her ice-cream cake

Tim taking a photo of me taking a photo of him taking a photo of me taking a photo...... wow that is confusing..... 

Melissa and her hubby Mark enjoying the cake! 

Jessica had a great Birthday celebration! So excited that she is now 20!! 

God bless, 

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Commencement Concert

Below are several photos and videos, so take a trip down to the bottom of this page and pause the music before you watch any of the videos!!

On our way to the college for the Commencement Concert!

We were on Campus early so we visited with some friends. :)

Joy!! :) She is so sweet!!

A student and there's the main Dorm.

Sarah (Collin's girlfriend) and some of her friends.

One of the college couples, so cute!!

Andrew, Randall and Justin

Oh and we saw a little bunny!! :) 

These are the photos from the Commencement Concert a few days before the college graduation. My brother, Collin, took part in the College choir and in the ASL choir.

Sarah and Matthew sitting together...

Justin, Kitty and I!

My littlest sister is quite the character....


My mom and my little brother.  :) 

The college choir, both my sister-in-law and my brother are part of the Choir

~ The William Tell Overture ~

My dear friend Janierra is in the lower righthand corner,

And there is my brother!

Here is Jessica, my sister-in-law and her friends Melanie and Hilarie

The Choir sounded amazing!

Hannah, one of the graduates sang a gorgeous solo piece

My mom and dad-in-law!!

Ladies Quartet 

The ASL choir, with a duet by Hannah and Matt

This video is really worth watching just because of how beautifully the kids did the ASL, my brother is on the right next to my friend Joy.

They did a great job with the ASL!

Men's quartet

With my dear friend Joy!! :)

My little brothers

My little sisters :)

Jeremiah and Matt :)

Oh, and can't leave out these two!! Collin and his girlfriend Sarah!

God bless,

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