Friday, January 30, 2015

Sarah and Collin's Wedding - Pre Ceremony

I took photos for Sarah and her ladies while they got ready and a few portraits. There was an official photographer for the wedding, and I will mostly be posting my photos along with a few of the official wedding photos. Bobby did a beautiful job capturing my brother's wedding. It was awesome to have a chance to take a few photos and be involved in the getting-ready process.

Look at this bride's smile!!

Sarah texting my brother

Making last minute phone calls.

Rebekah getting ready.

Sarah fixing her hair.

Those last few minutes before the wedding are awesome and nerve-wracking! It is a very surreal moment and the smiles around the room are so precious.

My mom helping Sarah put on the veil.

It didn't want to stay put!! We had problems with my veil when I got married too so I was quite amused. They just don't want to cooperate!

A candid photo of Sarah and my sister Stephanie. The day of the wedding was actually Stephanie's 16th birthday, and my husband's 26th- talk about a packed date!

Such a cute bride!

The bride with her new little sister-in-laws. 

Sarah with all of us girls. It is so awesome to have another girl in our family!!! 

My mom with the girls and Sarah- Look at all these beautiful ladies!! 

Sarah's veil and bouquet.

Collin put together Sarah's bouquet (they opted to go for faux flowers) he did a gorgeous job.

The bridesmaids' bouquets. I LOVE the colors! The wedding colors were a soft coral and champagne color theme.

Sarah's ring and french manicure.

My brother is so blessed to have found such a lovely, sweet and gorgeous bride! 

Sarah with her ladies and the flowergirl

I love how this photo turned out!! 

Sarah with Rebekah, her best friend and Maid of Honor

With Emily

Sarah with Emiliegh

Sarah with her flowergirl

She was so cute!! 


These photos below were taken by the wedding photographer.

 Justin, my brother Brandon and Collin's friend Lance. Look how handsome they all are!
(They got ready in the choir director's office- that's why there is a medical-looking poster about the throat)

 "10 minutes to go!!!!!!!!"

Look at this handsome man....Justin has been a groomsman for so many weddings and I get down right spoiled with how hot he looks in a tux. :)

 Texting the bride.

Lance pinning on Brandon's corsage.

Pinning on Collin's corsage.

 Justin walking my grandma to her seat, my adorable Grandpa is following behind.

 Lance walking down my other grandma.

 My precious youngest brother waiting for the wedding to start.

Matt looking so handsome!

More photos soon!
Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Collin and Sarah's Wedding Rehearsal

This past Friday we had the wedding rehearsal for my brother Collin and his Fiancee. Our brother Brandon was Collin's best man. 

The adorable flower girl and ringbearer, these two cuties are twins! 

The bridesmaids and maid of honor. 

The very talented musicians. Sarah had chosen a few songs from the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. They fit perfectly!  

My Dad and Sarah practicing the walk.

Watching the rehearsal brought back so many memories of my own wedding rehearsal! 

Katy taking pictures- and look at that beautiful french braid Mom gave her! 

Discussing the ceremony.

These two are so cute together!! 

Smiles all around.

We had the rehearsal dinner at my parents' home. 

Collin gave Sarah her wedding gift.

A pet carrier?? 

The cute kitten that Collin gave to Sarah! The kitty is a bit too young to come home yet. They should be picking her up in February! 

We were supposed to head back home after the rehearsal dinner, but an incoming snow storm forced us to stay local. Thankfully my grandparents have a big house and an extra bed! We woke up on Saturday to snow and ice. The weather did cause some delays to the final preparations before the ceremony but by the time we were in the last moments everything started to come together! We had a packed church for the ceremony which I did not expect after all that snow. I know some families were unable to make it due to the weather and they were very sad to miss it. I guess that is something you have to deal with when you have a winter wedding! 

Wedding pictures to follow soon!! 

Love, Rebecca

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