Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Walk Down The Shore

Justin and I went to the shoreline last week. It was beautiful but very cold!  

We found a large clam shell buried in the sand. I was surprised to find that it was still hinged.  

Justin kept finding these pretty orange shells on the beach.  

My little beach comber :)  

There were seagulls all over the place. 

Justin found this weathered piece of brick. It's amazing what water can do. 

Justin collecting seashells 

This is just a tiny portion of all the shells Justin picked up.  

So pretty 

 Taking a rest on some rocks. 

This is almost a foot deep of seashells piled up by the waves. 

Tiny seashells everywhere 

The coastline here is more rocks than sand 

Tiny piece of coral  

More seagulls

My favorite find of the walk was this crab shell and arm. 

Going to the shore in March probably isn't the warmest idea, but it was pretty nice to just walk along the beach and listen to the waves and seagulls. 

Love, Rebecca

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Percy Met Oliver!

We introduced our rabbit Percy and our cat Oliver a few weeks ago. 

They seem to like each other's company and it is cute to see them playing. We always supervise playtime between them and it cracks me up how big Percy is next to Oliver. 

Love Rebecca

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Miracle Scams

Ever since I have been more open about my diagnoses with PCOS I have received many messages and emails and even tweets from people trying to sell me some product that will cause "amazing weightloss" and increase my chances of conceiving. 

I will not buy your products.

Products that pray upon the emotional vulnerabilities of a woman who struggles to conceive is cruelty. Plain and simple. A woman who struggles to conceive is not your playground to sell your sham products. 

Now I understand that many of these products are blinding their sellers with their cult-like teachings and almost worship of the miracle product. You are being fooled by clever businesses who prey on emotionally vulnerable and desperate people. 

Multi-Level Marketing business are all scams. I have dealt with them so many times. In the nicest way possible YOU ARE BEING DUPED.

I know we all want "miracle" cures in life. We all wish our weightloss could happen over night. We all wish our health problems could be solved by a simple drink, pill or diet regimen.

We don't put on weight overnight. It is a slow gradual process of packing on the pounds and it is a slow gradual process to remove them. 

I'm sorry to be harsh but I am tired of being targeted.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Being a Cat-Mom

We have had our cat Oliver for about 3 months now. I have been learning a lot of awesome things and not-so-awesome things about owning a cat. 

Oliver is a very sweet and cuddly cat. He loves company and has been very friendly to people who want to pet him. I LOVE snuggling with him. 

Oliver has discovered the other cat that roams around outside of our apartment and Oliver DOES NOT like that cat. He sits by the window and yowls at the outdoor cat. It does get annoying after he has been meowing and yowling for over an hour. 

His new thing lately is waking me up when I am sleeping. I get it cat - you are lonely, but Momma needs her sleep! 

 Oliver also loves to sleep on my laptop especially after I tell him not to. He somehow has managed to change my desktop background once by walking on the keyboard. 

He does also fall asleep in some of the most adorable places ever. 

The other evening Justin and I went out for a few hours. When we came home I went to unlock the apartment while Justin parked the van. Oliver ran out of the door when he saw me and started going down the hallway. He never goes out in the hall- He didn't want anything to do with me! He was looking for Justin! 
He was a happy cat when Justin picked him up.

 He will run to the door and wait by it when he hears Justin coming down the stairs. It is weird because he never reacts to other people going down the stairs. He KNOWS when it's Justin. My husband of course is loving the attention. One of the few times Oliver hasn't been at the door because he was sleeping will make Justin a little teeny tiny bit sad. 

I do love being a "Cat-Mom" regardless of the relentless meowing, the occasional accidental poo on the floor, the mess he makes with his litter. The snuggles, affection and happiness are worth it. 

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Turning 27?!

This past Saturday was my 27th birthday! My mom had a little party for me. My Uncle Kurt and  Mark were there too! Here Uncle Kurt is playing Wii Sports with Katelyn. 

Jeremiah and Caleb playing Minecraft 

Collin rocking his son. 

Katelyn being adorable! 

Collin Levi getting extra spoiled

Look at this adorable Grandma! 

My mom made chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake- it was delicious!

Katey drew me this beautiful picture! The necklace I'm wearing is also from Katelyn

 My mom and dad gave me this little decoration for my home. 

I had a lovely birthday. I can't believe I am 27 now. Seems like yesterday I was turning 17!
Love, Rebecca
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