Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm Going to be an Aunt!

A couple weeks ago my little brother Collin called me up and asked if he and Sarah could visit us that night. During their visit they spilled the beans that Sarah was expecting. They hadn't told my parents yet and were waiting for the perfect moment.

Thus followed the two longest weeks of my life as I kept my excitement a secret. 

This past Sunday was Sarah's birthday- and while opening gifts she pulled out some baby clothes- much to my parent's surprise. 

*the clothes are "neutral" according to my brother Collin lol. They don't know the baby's gender yet.

I'm very excited for my brother and his wife- and especially for my mom! She has been dying to be a grandma. Please pray Sarah has a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery in December. 
Christmas is going to be busy this year!

Love, Rebecca

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Mr. Spider? Why?

So I was lying in my bed yesterday morning- minding my own business when my legs started feeling  itchy all of the sudden. Since we get spiders in the apartment around this time of year that was my first thought- I ripped off my blankets and checked the bed. Didn't see anything unusual.

A few hours later I discovered a dead spider at the foot of the bed...

( my feelings about  this discovery)

 I noticed my left knee (that had been very itchy for awhile now) was very red and hot to the touch.
 So long story short I think I might have been bit. I took some benadryl and put antibiotic cream on my knee. It's still itchy but the redness went down. 

Now I feel paranoid and my whole body itches like mad. UGH


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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Favorite Photos of the Week: Snakes, Vipers and Pythons Oh My!

I have a confession...
I think snakes are kinda cute, especially Ball Pythons.
Chalk it up to my childhood obsession with dragons but some of these little guys are just so stunning to me!

Here are some of my favorite photos of snakes,vipers and pythons that I found online this past week.These photographers do an AMAZING and beautiful job and I especially loved how they captured not only the creepy side- but the cute side of these amazing creatures. Enjoy!

Elegant Bronzeback


Infernalis faceshot

Corn Snake

Piebald Ball Python 

Green Python, Papua New Guinea. by panvorax
Green Python, Papua New Guinea.

Do you have any animals that you think are just too cute even if they aren't traditionally seen as adorable?
Please leave a comment! 

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Unusual Easter

This year for Easter my parents took my youngest siblings out-of-state to spend Easter with Uncle Kurt and Mark.  My parents celebrated Easter a week early but I was unable to go because I had bad sciatic pain for over a week. 

Because my back was still healing up and I wasn't up for traveling Justin and I invited my brothers, my sister-in-law and her BFF Bekah to our home to spend Easter. 

We took a group selfie to send to my parents! 

Everyone pitched in with food prep and Justin made a very awesome ham! We all squeezed around the little table in our little dining room. 

Collin and Sarah being oh-so-cute.

Tried to take another group photo...it turned out interesting?

My handsome man :) He worked like mad to get the house clean and ready for guests. I did what I could manage but I am eternally grateful for all his hard work. 

After food we played some Kinect games. Talk about a vigorous exercise! Everyone was laughing and it was just a wonderful afternoon together. Totally full of silliness and carefree joy! 

It was also awesome to spend a little time with Sarah. She is such a sweetheart! 

A lady from my church sent me a cute little Minecraft sheep plushie for Easter. It's the perfect Easter / geeky item! It was very sweet of Fran to think of me. 

Justin gave me some beautiful tulips and a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs- MY FAVORITES!! 

While I did miss my family getting together for Easter and spending time with my relatives, I must say that I really enjoyed our little improvised afternoon. Everyone said that they had a blast and wanted to get together again. To be honest, adult life is so crazy and serious so it was nice to just be a kid for one afternoon! 

How was your Easter??

Love Rebecca
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