Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bon Voyage! First day of our Honeymoon!

The first day of our Honeymoon was very exciting!
We took a five day cruise to Canada and it was the perfect way to spend our first week together as a married couple. 

There were over 3,000 other people on the cruise!

I couldn't believe that so many people were on that ship!!

Our port of departure was in Manhattan NY.

It was so nice to hold hands finally!!
-Among other awesome things! ;)

A middle aged couple danced together during the Bon Voyage Celebration... awwwwwwww!
It was so cute!

I was so excited to see Lady Liberty!

I forget the name of this bridge... but once we passed under it we were officially out to sea!

Watching the bridge pass over this massive ship was AMAZING!

Our lovely stateroom. :) 
We were on Carnival cruise, so we got a different folded towel critter each night. 

I tried duck on the first night, it wasn't greasy like I had heard it might be.  
First day of our 
Honeymoon, First day on a cruise ship. First day as a husband and wife. A day of many wonderful "firsts"

God bless, 

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