Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Justin and I were up late one night, 
VERY late, 
We had found clips of old kids TV shows on You Tube and we watched one after another, 
Some shows I had completely forgotten about! 
It was some of the best reminiscing I have done in a long, long, long time! 
I wanted to share one of these memories with you!

I was VERY young at the time, But I still remember Lamb Chops!

Ahhh.... so many memories of being so small.

God bless,

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

on Being Sick

Guess what everyone?
I hate being sick. 

I think you all would agree! 

I just had my second round with Mr. Cold and it took a long week and a half to fight him off. 
My Justin was attacked too by mean old Mr. Cold. 

Not fun!

Thankfully we are on the mend.
The odd thing though is that I have been sick more in the 5 months we have been married, then when I was living at home with 5 little people who were constantly bringing the latest bug home! 

I have had the stomach bug twice, other tummy related complaints, and a severe cold twice...all in five months! It's crazy! 

The good news is Justin's number of migraines he gets has gone down some since we got married. This makes me very happy! 

I have a few other newly-wed friends that have been repeatedly sick since getting married....is this a newly wed thing???? lol  
My sister says its from "too much kissing" lol 

God bless, 

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband!!!

And happy 13th birthday to my lovely sister!! 

Both my husband and my sister were born on January 24th, exactly 10 years apart!! 


I love you both!!!!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


There is a great photo-editing website called "Picnik"
 that has announced it will be closing this April. 

I personally am very sad as I use Picnik ALOT. 
I know many people complain that only Jr High girls use the site to put cutesy little hearts all over photos of their boyfriend....however the site does come in handy to make good photos simply gorgeous. 

I use Picnik mostly to adjust exposure on my photos, or to correct colors. Cropping, rotation, resizing... stuff like that. I even used the site to design my blog title. 

if you like Picnik as much as I do, 
and don't want to see it shut down, you can sign a petition 

You can visit Picnik HERE

God bless, 

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's Happening Back Yonder

On my former blog (A Rather Unusual Maiden For God ), I used to frequently post about the antics and happenings in a house with 8 kids. Now that I am married and not home anymore I only hear about the daily news, and my mom emails me photos!

The Donut story is my favorite!
I used to make donuts once in a while for my brothers and sisters. After I got married they begged my mom to make donuts for them, Which she did. Now making donuts is ALOT of work, and my mom has a back problem. Needless to say the email with this picture was titled "My last batch of donuts" lol

My two sisters share a room now, and they have a bunk bed. Stephanie on top, Kitty below. My mom went in to check on them one night to find Kitty up on the top bunk with Stephanie!

My grandfather has been in and out of the hospital due to several health complications with his diabetes, and has had a couple blood transfusions. We are praying for his healing, and his salvation.

My sister Stephanie will soon be 13! She is becoming a lovely young lady! 

My parents took my brothers and sisters down to a local farm to see the miniature ponies...everyone had fun till one pony wanted to know if Matthew was "tasty". Matt was startled...but thankfully not hurt!

My mom and dad bought a juicer and have been making their own juice.

My dad has been doing some renovating and painting at their house, here my brother Caleb is learning how to paint the walls! 

Kitty has been doing very well in school, and has been getting better at reading!

She is not, however, as excited about cooking!

Collin has started attending the same college my husband went to. When he is home the babysitting falls to him...and he falls asleep...so do his charges... Why didn't they do that for me????!  lol

Collin has been doing VERY well at the college, I'm so proud of him!

 The best news of all is my little cousin was born! 
Lily was impatient to join our family, and she was born a month early! The baby shower had to be postponed because of it! My aunt and Lily are doing well! I can't wait to meet my new cousin in person!

God bless, 

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bruce and Amanda's Wedding



A big Congratulations to the Bride and Groom! 
And a great big thankyou to Amanda for letting me take photos to my heart's content, and to the professional photographer, Mr B. who is a dear friend of mine! He helped me get some great shots and showed me how to capture the moments! I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. B on many photo projects, he has been a great mentor! He has told me I should keep practicing so I can start my own business someday....  :)  

Tis true that being a wedding photographer is a dream of mine...but for now I am loving the practice!

God bless, 
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Congratulations Bruce and Amanda!

Congratulations to Bruce and Amanda on your wedding day today!

Amanda has graciously allowed me to practice my photography at her wedding! :)

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Question from a Jewish Lady...

I recently received a wonderful comment... 

Hi - I just found your blog. I am Jewish and don't know a lot about Christianity but I found it interesting that in these pictures you are all dressed so modestly. What branch of Christianity requires you to dress in such a wonderfully modest way that is more akin to us Jews? Most Christians I've known dress very indecently. Also, what is the teaching you follow about touching in public? I'll admit I was shocked to see in your photos girls sitting on boys' laps. Even if they are married these seems immodest and I'm wondering how you rectify that with your beliefs about modesty. I'm always interested in learning more and connecting with other modest, obedient wives. 

Thankyou so much to the person who commented, I will do my best to answer your questions!

What branch of Christianity requires you to dress in such a wonderfully modest way that is more akin to us Jews? Most Christians I've known dress very indecently.

-My husband and I as well as several of the relatives are independent Baptists,  most of the rest seen in the photos attend a non-denominational church with Baptistic doctrine in an area where there is much Mennonite influence.  I personally do not know much about my husband's relatives, but I can explain why I choose to be modest.

As I stated before, I am an independent Baptist.
The church I attend is not affliated or part of any other form of denomination.
-modesty is not a rule in my church. It is however greatly encouraged that the women dress modestly.
-The standard of Modesty is the choice of each individual. 
-In my church it is required that the ladies who serve in the church be dressed modestly. (Pastor's wife, Deacons' wives etc)
My parents raised me to dress modestly, and the church I grew up in also taught and encouraged modesty.  I personally believe that modesty in dress is very important and I practice it. 
I choose to dress modesty, not just because my parents required it of me, but because I personally believe it is the best way for me to honor God.

 what is the teaching you follow about touching in public? I'll admit I was shocked to see in your photos girls sitting on boys' laps.

-Our church gives no rules for married couples regarding touching in public. Unmarried people are a different story it is taught within in our church and our own family that boys and girls should refrain from touching until they are married. 
In the photo you saw of girl's sitting on boy's lap, all are married couples.
In the photo you saw of girl's sitting on boy's lap, all are married couples. This was a family gathering , and  how each couple chooses to be with their spouse in public is their personal decision. The majority of the married couples in my husbands family practiced a "no-touching" rule until they were married, after marriage there were no more "no touching" rules. 

There is of course a realm of touch that belongs to the married couple, but in our (local/family) culture just sitting in this manner does not carry any immodest connotations with it.

Even if they are married these seems immodest and I'm wondering how you rectify that with your beliefs about modesty.

I am not familiar with the Jewish cultures teachings of modesty, but I assume you are talking about behavioral modesty?  We are taught two forms of modesty, with clothing, and with behavior.

Sitting on my husband's lap is not something I ever even thought of as being questionable. Before we were married I would have NEVER sat on his lap. That would have definitely been inappropriate. But now that we are married I do not see it as immodest  with family present.

 I will add that I rarely sit on my husband's lap in public and the reason I was in the photo is because we were trying to get 40 people into one room. 

So yes, it does rectify with our beliefs on modesty.

Thank you so much for your Question! I hope I answered your thoughts and inquiries, as I do not know much about Jewish culture I was not sure of what some of your questions meant. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm looking for new blogs to add to my reading list, 
I have a few ones I read regularly, but some of my favorites have closed down their blogs. 

I am looking for blogs that feature either
Wedding photography,
newly wed, 
new baby, 
and family.

Does you know of a blog that has any of these themes?
Or does your blog have these themes? 

Leave me a link in the comments!


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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas with My Family

Christmas with my family! All my brothers and sisters were so excited to see Justin and I!

My little buddy, Caleb!

My brothers Jeremiah and Matthew

Little Kitty, the princess!

Well, ponies go with princesses,

A CAR????!

My brother Collin unwrapping his gift...

Still trying to open it five minutes later. 
I wrapped the gift tight with plastic wrap...thought he need to work for his gift! lol

My parents' beautiful tree!

Dad got a mug full of Butterfingers.

Opening a gift from my family...

The Complete "I Love Lucy" DVD set! 
Thanks Mom and Dad!


Netflix = instant fireplace!

Matthew, Caleb and Mom playing a game.

My little siblings all have interesting smiles!

We had a great time visiting my parents and my brothers and sisters! 

God bless, 
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New YEAR!

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