Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mother's Day

The weather on Mother's day this year was perfect.
It was just warm enough to spend time outside enjoying the sunshine

We spent Mother's day with my husband's family as my own family was away on vacation. 

My in-laws love board games!

This is a new game they have recently gotten into called "Small World"

I think my mother-in-law won!

Shadow turned 15 years old a few days before Mother's day. He is definitely showing his age now, but he is still a big sweetheart.

Nimbus found the perfect place for a nap. He is 11 now.

I have been taking some photos in my mother-in-law's garden. 

 I managed to take a few pictures of the mockingbird before he flew away.

Some beautiful yellow pansies

The last lonely chicken. 

 I love the colors on these pansies.

I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are, but they are very pretty!

Love, Rebecca
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Steve & Cher's 30th Anniversary Party

This year my husband's parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! To celebrate the occasion Justin and his sister planned a surprise party with the help of family and friends.

We threw the party a couple weeks before their actual anniversary date at a local park. 
My sister-in-law told her parents we were having a little picnic with Justin and I at this park. 

 Justin and Jessica put a lot of thought, care, hard work and love into the surprise party.

Jessica and I worked together on collecting old photos and current photos for this fence display. My sister-in-law has a knack for decorating for parties! 

A peach and strawberry filled vanilla cake.

 Justin's Aunt Stephanie made these adorable party favors!

 My in-laws are avid beekeepers so the theme was all around bees and honey.

 I thoroughly enjoyed going through the old albums and seeing pictures of my husband's family through the years.

One of our former teens from our youth group painted this beautiful plaque for my in-laws! 

I love these old photos of my husband as a child! 

I thought the little clothespins were just too cute!

Aunt Marianne made these beautiful bouquets for the tables.

We were blessed to have so many people to help set up the party!

Part of the surprise was a lot of the out-of-state family members had come down for the party. 

 It was a little chilly but the pavilion had a fire pit!

My in-law's arrive!

They knew we were up to *something* but didn't expect all the family that would be at the party.

Successful surprise!! 

Justin's dad greeting his nephew.

Even though it was cold out we had a great party

Justin's grandparents

Some of the cousins

Justin's dad and mom looking at the display

There was so much food!

I'm all about picnic food personally. 

Aunt Stephanie made cookies. They were amazing.

Cutting the cake!

So cute!!


Congrats on 30 years to my in-laws!

 We love you both!
Love, Rebecca
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Meeting the Kittens!

I finally got to meet my brother and sister-in-law's kittens! 

 Molly and Jack had a litter of five.

They are two weeks old now.

Look at these tiny little faces!

I had to put them on Justin too!

This one looks like Molly

Too cute!!!

I did my best to get a decent photo of all five but they weren't exactly still! The grey kitten is my personal favorite and Justin likes the mostly black one. 

The teeny tiny mews were so cute!

This little one had such a sad face!

 Look at those little noses!

Note the grey one has escaped!

Jack in the background.

Sleeping together

It was so wonderful to experience such young kittens 

And to squee over these tiny toe beans!!

Molly checking on her babies

She made herself a little nest in a blanket. Too cute!
This is Molly and Jack's last litter. They will be getting fixed very soon. They made some beautiful kittens and I am so thankful I got to enjoy it!! 

Love, Rebecca

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