Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary- Part 2

For the second half of our anniversary outings we went to Yale Peabody Museum. I haven't been there since 2009 so I was really looking forward to this little trip.

Before you get to the entrance of the museum there is a dinosaur statue!

The museum is celebrating 150 years this year! Look at that beautiful old architecture.

Since it is the 150th anniversary for the museum they had a special exhibit up to show off their history.

Look at this creepy worm...

Reminds me of the Xenomorph in those old "Alien" movies. It's an underwater worm and it is pretty big

A rifle belonging to Buffalo Bill

Various sea life


Look at those pretty colors

Dino fossil

More insects and butterflies

Giant clam

Gorilla Skeleton

On to the main attraction! Dinosaurs!!

Just one leg bone is as tall as Justin (6')

Feeling short next to this one...

Look at that giant turtle!

More fossils
A cast of a t-rex skull


A huge sea turtle

Petrified wood.



 This one was cool! Apparently there used to be a type of giant Camel in North America AND a type of mini camel

I can't imagine how cute these must have looked

Diego and Sid?

I didn't know Dire Wolfs were real. I thought it was fictional.

Various weapons. Pretty neat carving

More weapons with amazing carving

Wooden bird

Look at how pretty this Malachite is.

Smithsonite is pretty interesting looking too

Mountain Goat diorama
Justin found his inspiration for that beard of his

Hands down our favorite exhibit was the bird room

Justin loves owls so he was pretty excited.

Barn Owls are soo cute!

Puffins have such colorful beaks

Wrens are so tiny.
Look at that bright red!

I have seen orioles a few times in my state. They are so pretty.

My favorite bird! The Sparrow Hawk!

Dodo skeleton. Looks like it swallowed a watermelon!

Pretty ducks

Wood ducks are gorgeous

Diorama of my state's woodland areas.

Do you see the turtle in the background?

Justin got a kick out of this sarcophagus

"It looks like it's winking!"

A Mummy of a man in his 20s that was probably murdered. There is blunt force trauma to the skull. 

So that was our trip to Peabody Museum! It was a lot fun and I am looking forward to bringing my future kids there someday!

Thank you for all the kind comments and congrats on our anniversary!

Love, Rebecca
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