Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unusual Things We Did This Summer!

(EDIT: I am STILL getting used to the new way of editing and posting with the new blogger dashboard! if something looks odd that is why! )

Yes, this is me. And Yes- I am wearing a pink wig.

Justin and I did some unusual (for me) and fun things this summer!!
Not only did we travel down to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Letchworth State Park in New York and a few trips to Massachusetts, we also went to the ConnectiCon and went to see Lindsey Stirling Live!!

For those who don't know what the ConnectiCon is....
Every year all over the US there are several conventions for all sorts of things. This particular convention is for cosplayers, gamers, game designers, artists, web comic creators, and just your general array of "geekiness and nerdities"

Justin and I attended in costume, this was not his first time attending, but it was mine!

 Justin and I
 The HUGE version for the Settlers of Catan board game

Creeper mask from the MineCraft game (one of my personal favorite in video games)

Clones from Star Wars

 My Little Pony character

Heading to the My Little Pony photo shoot!

Getting ready for the My Little Pony Cosplay shoot

All these people were cosplaying My Little Pony!

Main MLP characters
 There's me with the bunny! (I made that bunny!)
I was the character "Fluttershy"

Background MLP characters

Ok, now this is pretty neat- this lady was cosplaying a photographer from MLP- and she was an actual newspaper photographer in Real life!

Everybody is so colorful!

  All these girls were dressed up as Fluttershy!

Steam Punk

Tetris and a Tony Stark


 This is just a TINY portion of how many people we there!

Mario Bros characters

Harley Quinn and The Joker

Mini Merida!!

These three were my absolute favorite cosplayers, as Mozzilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome!


Kingdom Hearts characters.... 

Legend of Korra


Batman and co, and little Spiderman!

There were so many other characters I didn't get pictures of due to the sheer amount of people! There were Darth Vaders, Super Man, Iron Man, Super Mario Bros., Disney Princesses, you name it, it was probably there! There were hundreds of characters I didn't even recognize!    

 It was a long exhausting day, but a fun experience!

The other thing we did this summer was see Lindsey Stirling!

This isn't her! This adorable little girl is named Mollie Freer, she is only 9 years old and she is amazing at the Ukulele! She was part of the opening acts

She wrote this Song "Country Girl" 

She was so cute! 

This is Lindsey! 
She plays the violin and posts videos on Youtube! 
She plays pretty much every genre, from classical to celtic to pop. Not all of her music is exactly my taste, but she does have some very gorgeous pieces!

"River Flows in You"

 It was great to see her in person! 

So those were two of the unusual things we did this summer! 

God bless, 

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Thoughts

Thankyou to everyone who has been leaving comments of encouragement. 
I am currently battling a cold so it means even more now that I am really laying low! 

I guess most of my frustration and sadness is from the hard choices I am forced to make because of my health. I have been thinking about when we want to start a family, and it has to be put on hold for now. 

I know I am not ready for or able to handle what a child would require and need with my health the way it is. I know how demanding raising a family can be just from being the oldest of 8 kids. And once you have one child, more are soon to follow.... 

As of right now, my bird and fish are filling the void of needing something to care for and be motherly to :) I cannot begin to describe how much joy my bettas give me. They are my "babies" lol. 

My goals are to get the injury taken care of, figure out why I am so exhausted all  the time and get that treated, and I would love to try to lose the weight I gained after the injury. 

Justin has been amazing throughout all of this. He has been so helpful with the house and cooking. He knows my limitations, and makes sure I don't overdo stuff.

Thanks again! 

God bless, 
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apparently Blogger has officially changed over the dashboard and everything else so.... now I have to re-learn it!  :(

Anyways, things have been rather hectic lately, Physical therapy on my ankle has been going okay, not great. The therapist said I still had a tendon that was very swollen. When I go for my folllow-up appointment in a few weeks they may schedule an MRI if the tendon is still swollen. I am *trying* not to worry about it, but it is hard. The last thing I want is surgery.

This whole ankle injury has been so very depressing. Dealing with a chronic injury really changes your way of life. I can't just go to the store, or go for a walk, or go on an outing. I have a limited amount of time before I simply cannot walk because of the pain. 

Going shopping has changed, I have to figure out exactly what I need, where it is, and the best and shortest route to locate each item. It is very frustrating when I can't find something so I have to walk back and look. I can hear the clock ticking on how much longer I can be standing/walking before the pain starts.

The worst part is the fact that I feel like I am repeating now my mom's life. She had a Chronic injury after a car accident when I was 4 years old. I had to watch her struggle EVERY DAY with her pain and trying to keep up with her pregnancies, babies, homeschooling and housework. I had to watch her break down in tears over how she couldn't do things anymore. She LOVED gardening, and now she was unable to Garden. She often admitted that she felt like she was somehow less of a wife and mother because she was unable to do everything to keep our home running.

So many events, trips and plans as I was growing up had to be canceled or modified because of days when her back was so bad she couldn't move at all.

I know how awful it was watching her trapped in her pain. And now I feel like I have to go through the exact same thing. I have to be the wife and someday mom who is struggling with pain, struggling to keep house, struggling to get through trips with my kids. 
So...thats what has been on my mind lately.

God bless,

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We visited another park the other day!
I love fall so much and it is nice to be out and abut!

We had a perfect picnic spot!

As soon as we sat down dome ducks showed up! We tossed them some bread :)

 Picnics make really nice dates that do not cost much at all!

A Gorgeous mallard

We see female mallards all the time, hardly any males... I wonder why?

we had a special treat during this picnic! We saw a Heron!

I never realized how creepy they look... lol

After our meal we walked around the park, this one is VERY small so there wasn't much to see!

It was so much fun though!

God bless,

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Poppa Turns 80

Justin's Poppa (grandfather) will be turning 80 on the 18th (tomorrow), so we had an early birthday party for him! 

 almost all of the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids were there! 

Justin with friends and family....

Everyone chatting and catching up with family they haven't seen in a while  

Getting ready for lunch!

cute little dresses!

one of the great-grandkids :)

Jessica with Melanie, Leah and Tali

They mean business!!

poor he found some friends!

Shadow wants something yummy to eat!

The birthday boy!

 Poppa with his sons, grandsons and great grandsons!

 Poppa with Grandma and their kids, Uncle Dave, My mother-in-law Cheryl-Ann, and Uncle Jeff


 Momma Mary!

 the awesome desserts!! 

Happy Birthday to Poppa! 
We love you! 

May God bless you with many more years!

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