Sunday, January 24, 2016

One Very Crazy Thursday

This past Thursday my mom and dad took a trip to the ER. My dad was having chest pains and numbness in his arms. Justin was able to drop me off at my parent's house to stay with my youngest siblings before he made the hour long drive to his job. I spent the day with my brothers and sisters while we waited for news from my mom. 

The staff at the hospital did a catheter on my dad and everything looked clear. There is no blockage or build up in his heart or arteries. Dad was able to return home around 5pm. My brother Brandon bought a pizza for the family, and my brother Collin and his family brought me home. It was a stressful day but it was awesome to see everyone pitch in to help my mom and dad. 

The kids and I made cards and decorated the chalkboard for dad. Katelyn's card was my favorite! 
Matt asked her,"Why is dad not wearing a shirt?" 
Kat replied, "To show of his buff!!" 

My dad is going to be seeing a cardiologist in February. 
I am so thankful that my dad is home. He seems to be doing ok so far. I am a bit impatient that we have to wait a few weeks for the cardiologist appointment for him, but I'm hoping that it won't be too hard for the doctors to figure out what is going on.

We appreciate all your prayers! 
Love, Rebecca

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Collin Levi Newborn Portraits

 This past Saturday I did my nephew's newborn portraits. I haven't had much experience with newborn photography but I think the photos turned out nicely. Enjoy!


My nephew was not a big fan of being dressed and undressed for the photos. Sarah had to hold him for a few photos and be my temporary "studio" so we could finish up with a happy baby.

 Such a cutie

It's neat to watch Collin being a dad :)

My mom crocheted this hat and matching outfit! 

Newborn photography is quite the process and time consuming- to anyone who does this professionally you are amazing!

Love, Rebecca
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Visiting Collin and Sarah...and My Nephew Too!

Last week Justin and I made dinner for Collin and Sarah. I was very excited to spend some time with my brother and his wife, and to hold my nephew some more! 

 Sarah has been recovering fairly well. A few bumps along the way but nothing too serious. 
Motherhood looks very good on her!

I still can't believe I'm an aunt! 
When I hold this little guy it boggles my mind that this baby is my little brother's son. 

Baby Collin has been doing very well and gained back his birth weight. Collin and Sarah are learning how to adjust their new schedules and adjust to parenthood. I think it is pretty adorable seeing them being parents.  

Justin is getting more and more comfortable holding Baby Collin. We were playing a game while he held the baby. It is pretty cute to see my husband embracing his new Uncle-hood (is that a term?? lol)

Collin and Baby Collin <3 

I can't express how exciting this has been welcoming this new little life into our family. We haven't had a baby around for quite some time now and it is so nice to hold a newborn again. My mom is totally loving being a grandma!! :)

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

My parents' Christmas tree

My grandparents along with Uncle Kurt and Mark came to visit us on Christmas day!

Short sleeves on Christmas day? In New England? Yup it was a balmy 56 degrees Fahrenheit here. For those not used to northern temps that is pretty warm for December. 

Waiting patiently to open gifts

Dad and Katey

Everyone trying to cram into the living room

Matthew made Justin and I a cute ornament 

Uncle Kurt

Mark opening a present

My mom crocheted me this awesome hat

A beautiful bag from my family

Justin made a bow tie out of wrapping paper

Grandma "throwing out" the wrapping paper

My family gave my grandparents this really pretty wall art.

Mom reading a special Aunt-Pam themed letter. 

Look who got a Frozen doll!


A Frozen tee shirt? Someone is excited!

Jeremiah is getting tall!

Caleb doesn't like Ninja Turtles.... does he? (yes, yes he does)

More Frozen?? lol

We had a very exciting Christmas in 2015. A furball joined my world, I gained a nephew and it was so warm we had the windows open! I really enjoyed the holidays in 2015. I think the baby being on the way/arriving made the Thanksgiving to Christmas time an amazing and memorable time for my whole family. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, and I wish you all wonderful new year! 

Love, Rebecca

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