Friday, May 30, 2014

My Silly Little Goofballs!

During the graduation I had a few moments with my siblings, Katelyn wanted to try out my camera again, here are a few of her photos!

Caleb and Stephanie!

Jeremiah "Muscles" Man

My sister makes the weirdest faces! 

I told her to let me take some photos of her

"Ok, that's enough, can I take more pictures????"


Caleb wanted to look cool

Caleb, myself and Jeremiah!

I love my siblings! <3

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NEBC Graduation, Candid photos

With my friend Janierra! I was happy to see her again! since she graduated college last year she has moved back to Georgia. I hadn't seen her is about a year!

My adorable brother and his gorgeous girlfriend Sarah. She graduated college this year and has since moved back home. It's about 5 hours away and we all miss her terribly!

Sarah and Collin with Rebekah.

This dapper young gentleman is Melanie's little brother! He wanted to get in the photo too! 

Some of the graduates

My sister-in-law with Justin and their good friend Bruce!

Jessica and the gang.

Jess with Darson. 

Darson has quite the personality! 

My husband and I .

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NEBC Graduation 2014- Portraits

My brother's girlfriend Sarah! 

My lovely sister-in-law Jessica


Lorissa (Valedictorian) 

Jessica and Melanie 

Alyssa with her boyfriend Randall

Joy and myself 

Lorissa's Valedictorian speech  

Hannah and Matt sang a beautiful special

NEBC graduates of 2014

Music students

Music Majors

Matthew S. family photo 

With my husband's family! 

Mel and Jess

Jessica and Melanie with their parents

with my in-laws

One very proud Dad! 

Hannah and Jess

Allison, Jess, Melanie

My 5 youngest siblings with Sarah

I am so happy for all of the graduates, but so sad to see them all leave our state and move back home. My prayers go with them as they start new jobs, prepare for weddings, or decide whatever path to take next!

More candid photos from the Graduation will be in the next post- I have some funny ones!

Love, Rebecca 
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jessica and Melanie's Senior Recital

My sister-in-law and her best friend Melanie recently had their senior recitals. Both girls did beautifully and I am so proud of them! Enjoy the photos :)

My lovely sister-in-law, Jessica

The beautiful Melanie- I told her that her outfit reminded me of Elsa from Frozen!

Jessica and Melanie with fellow students and friends

With the Music teacher- Mr. W.

Jessica with childhood friends, Jenn and Talia

Melanie with her fiance Jake. Jake is actually my husband's cousin. 

Melanie and Jake with Poppa (Jake and my husband's grandfather)

Jessica with Poppa

With Grandma

Jessica's grandparents were so very proud of her! 

My husband and his sister being adorable siblings

I liked that they both ended up wearing blue!

They wanted me in the photo...sadly I was not following the blue theme!

Jess with her friend Danielle

Jess and Melanie with some young ladies from the church. 

My back did ok with the event, I was sore for a few days but I was able to make it, enjoy the music and take pictures! 

Jessica and Melanie are officially graduated of this past Monday, photos of that will be coming soon! 

Love, Rebecca

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