Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jeremiah Broke His Arm

 My 16 year old brother was playing on the swing set when the seat of the swing snapped. His legs hit a fence and he fell forward, snapping the two bones in his left forearm. He is right handed luckily.

My little brother spent a good portion of June 2nd in the emergency room with my parents. My mom and dad texted me updates throughout the day. Dad sent me this x-ray photo.

The emergency room nurses and an orthopedic specialist set the bones and put his arm in a splint. He would have to wait a week to see if the bones would heal on his own or if he would need surgery.

 Jeremiah had his follow up x-ray June 9th and he will need surgery. He is scheduled for surgery in a few days. He has been a real sport about this whole debacle and I hope his arm heal smoothly. We are making sure to spoil him thoroughly! Justin and I bought a video game for him that requires only one hand to play.

Reminder to everyone to check your playground equipment every year. This particular seat was about 9 years old and over time the plastic weakened and the chain cut through.

Get well soon little bro 💓

Love, Rebecca
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Day

My in-laws threw their annual Memorial Day picnic this year on a chilly and rainy day.

Last year it was also raining and unbearably humid so I was happy with the cooler weather. 

My husband helped his family put tarps and canopies up and we stayed pretty dry.

There was some delicious picnic food!

and plenty of desserts

Shadow was on nap duty

My sister-in-law Jessica did a great job with the lights in the canopy. 

More napping! I guess that is what you do when you are a senior dog.

My mother-in-law and her sister-in-law chatting with the guests

During the break in the rain Uncle Dave started a bonfire

Playing basketball

Justin wearing his Christmas tree shirt 😄

After a few years of not doing the bubbles I was happy to see him try a new bubble recipe this year. I LOVE those big bubbles!

They are soo pretty!

The kids loved them a lot too!

Bailey decided to nap in this chair

Mike with Bailey

After food games

 This girl was pretty excited about that strawberry!

I'm thankful I was actually well enough to attend the picnic. It was a fun day regardless of the rain! 

Love, Rebecca
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May Notes

May was a very wet and rainy month for us. It seemed that April showers were a little delayed this year!

 We have a small gardening spot at our new place so we went to Home Depot and got some plants!

 We got some tomato plants and some baby hostas. I also got a few flowers for a bucket planter.

 Justin working on the bucket planter. It was POURING so we had to work inside.

Look at these beauties! 😍

 Finished bucket planter.

 Justin braved the torrential down pour to plant his tomatoes and my hostas. They are doing very well so far!

Watering our little baby plants

 Justin also started some jalapeno peeper seeds and they are sprouting!


We took a trip to Ikea for the first time in 5 years since we got married. We needed some new bookshelves and other organizers since we lost some closet space during the move.

I found my happy place!

 Gotta love those wild Ikea lamps!


 Since we live closer to Justin's grandparents now I have been able to walk over and visit occasionally.
Poppa gave me a tour of his garden.

pretty pink bleeding hearts

I snapped a very nice photo of Poppa's cat Elsie hiding in the irises. 

I got a bouquet from Grandma's lilac tree.

Oliver was quite interested.

The bouquets were gorgeous bit a tad bit overpowering in fragrance!


My family traveled to Washington D. C. for a family trip. They visited several historical sites and some of the Smithsonian museums.

 My mom kept me updated with photos and videos. They had a lot of fun!


Matt turned 15 in May. He is growing up way too fast! 

 He wanted ice cream cookie sandwiches for his birthday so mom got creative with the candles!

My nephew was pretty excited for ice cream!

 I think his aunties and uncles are a bit obsessed!

Caleb sporting his shirt he got in D. C. 

 Katey's shirt was pretty cool too!


My husband's aunt found a very lethargic and disoriented chipmunk over Memorial day weekend. 

She kept it for a couple days and monitored it's well being

It was doing much better a few days later so she let it go back to the wild!

Nimbus checking out the chipmunk. He has never caught anything a day in his 11 years of life.  No worries though, he was shooed away quickly.

Percy is doing well! He loves his bananas! 

Look at that fluffy beard!

 Oliver has been very interested in our new basement and for a while we couldn't let him down there because of all the boxes. He would constantly sneak down stair the second we opened the door and would hide down there any chance he got.  Now that he is allowed down there he couldn't care less!

I think this cat is spoiled?

I'm not sure though...

Do you think he is spoiled?

 Definitely. No doubt about it!

Here's to June!

Love, Rebecca

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