Friday, June 30, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Shoot

 My sister was getting ready for a wedding and I said she looked just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and since we had a little time before the wedding we had an impromptu photo-shoot!

 We had gotten this rose bush as a mother's day gift years ago for my mom and it has flourished- so we had roses to use as a prop!

Katey was pretty excited!

Her dress wasn't quite as "twirl-errific" as I hoped but I got one cute photo!

Gotta have a book for Belle!

I had to remove a canopy behind her in post editing.

 Here's an un-edited shot. I had to remove the swing set from some pictures too!

 I wish I had focused the camera on her eyes instead of the rose but it's still pretty. I'm just picky.

A candid shot. She has a beautiful smile!

She keeps me young 💓

 I made the flower hair piece for my wedding years ago. She still has it!

I had so much fun with this spontaneous photo shoot. It's awesome to have a "model" who is eager to pose for me!

Love, Rebecca
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jeremiah's Broken Arm Update

Jeremiah had his surgery on the 15th of June. The surgeon put a metal plate on each bone and some screws to hold it all together

 I visited him two days after his surgery. He was in some pain but doing okay.

On June 23rd he had a follow up x-ray. Everything is looking good so far. His hard cast was removed and replaced with a protective brace.

 His incision sites are looking good so far.

 Nice and clean with minimal bruising

  I visited Jeremiah a few days ago and he is looking MUCH better. I can tell that he is back to his old self again. It will take 6 weeks or so for the bones to fully heal.
Also he kept his hard cast 😁

 He is more active now but still delicate with the injured arm. He is supposed to straighten his elbow a few times a day but is having difficulty with that. Also a slight tremor to his hand but that will go away soon.

Love ya little bro! Keep healing!

Love, Rebecca
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Father's Day

 On the Saturday before Father's day we went to visit my dad.

I look just like him! (without the famous 'stache of course!)

 We got my dad this handy gardening knife. It has ruler markings on the other side and is slightly shovel shaped.

On Sunday we visited Justin's family for Father's Day

Justin with his dad

On of Aunt Marianne's grandbabies

She is so cute!

My mother-in-law making fried dough

Uncle Dave petting Bailey

 Great Grandma with her daughter-in-law and Great granddaughter

 Bailey is too cute!

We sat and watched the chipmunks after lunch
Because it was SO humid out my poor camera's lens kept fogging up. I had to drastically edit this photo

I was so disappointed to miss getting high quality photos of the chipmunks.

Old man Shadow taking a rest after the festivities


Love, Rebecca
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jeremiah Broke His Arm

 My 16 year old brother was playing on the swing set when the seat of the swing snapped. His legs hit a fence and he fell forward, snapping the two bones in his left forearm. He is right handed luckily.

My little brother spent a good portion of June 2nd in the emergency room with my parents. My mom and dad texted me updates throughout the day. Dad sent me this x-ray photo.

The emergency room nurses and an orthopedic specialist set the bones and put his arm in a splint. He would have to wait a week to see if the bones would heal on his own or if he would need surgery.

 Jeremiah had his follow up x-ray June 9th and he will need surgery. He is scheduled for surgery in a few days. He has been a real sport about this whole debacle and I hope his arm heal smoothly. We are making sure to spoil him thoroughly! Justin and I bought a video game for him that requires only one hand to play.

Reminder to everyone to check your playground equipment every year. This particular seat was about 9 years old and over time the plastic weakened and the chain cut through.

Get well soon little bro 💓

Love, Rebecca
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Day

My in-laws threw their annual Memorial Day picnic this year on a chilly and rainy day.

Last year it was also raining and unbearably humid so I was happy with the cooler weather. 

My husband helped his family put tarps and canopies up and we stayed pretty dry.

There was some delicious picnic food!

and plenty of desserts

Shadow was on nap duty

My sister-in-law Jessica did a great job with the lights in the canopy. 

More napping! I guess that is what you do when you are a senior dog.

My mother-in-law and her sister-in-law chatting with the guests

During the break in the rain Uncle Dave started a bonfire

Playing basketball

Justin wearing his Christmas tree shirt 😄

After a few years of not doing the bubbles I was happy to see him try a new bubble recipe this year. I LOVE those big bubbles!

They are soo pretty!

The kids loved them a lot too!

Bailey decided to nap in this chair

Mike with Bailey

After food games

 This girl was pretty excited about that strawberry!

I'm thankful I was actually well enough to attend the picnic. It was a fun day regardless of the rain! 

Love, Rebecca
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