Saturday, October 29, 2011

More on the Twisted Ankle

So... a week after my injury and it's still hurting very bad. Probably will be going to see a doctor next week. I have twisted my ankle alot in the past but it never hurt this bad. Feels like a deep throbbing inside my ankle. This has been quite a frustrating experience for me. Here I am newly married and unable to cook or clean. Even simple tasks like showering is a challenge. Justin has been a wonderful hubby and helping me out- especially with cooking and laundry. Apparently twisting/spraining the ankle is worse then breaking. 'yay me'

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Home

in our room, as you can tell, still lots of unpacking to be done!

I have started decorating!

one of our four bookcases.

another book case.

I love this bed spread!

My ironing board wanna-be...
my sister actually asked me why I had a surf board... lol

in our living room.

our awesome ikea bookcases.

photos of two of my youngest siblings

portrait from our honeymoon.

This was a gift from my husband. they are so pretty!

The couch the Lord blessed us with.

Refrigerator art by my sister

My kitchen!!

I LOVE my kitchen

Our dining room area.

Decorations in my home- my flower girl's basket and our unity candle

Other decorations from my wedding, now being reused!

in the hutch...

These plates were a gift from my brother. He knows I love wolves!

pretty little things.

I have a porch! :)

So that's our little home!!

God bless, 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My First Hike

 I went on my first hike up a good sized hill this past weekekend!
It was our teen activity.

My husband and I!

 We were able to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors.

After a long walk up, we reached the castle at the top. 

 The view from inside the castle

 You could see for miles around

Anna and Sarah, two of our lovely teens...

Anna :)


 Having fun.

 Some of our teens!

Anna, Sarah and Leah!

just some of our very sweet teen girls in our youth group...

 We have been married 2 and a half months!

The castle again

time to head back...

It was so beautiful!

My man!!! :)

there was alot of yellow

 After our hike we had a cookout at the base of the hill. The teens had fun! 

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

God bless, 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Twisted Ankle

Hi everyone! 

My husband and I took our youth group hiking this past weekend, the teens had a great time and the fall foliage was gorgeous. 
We spent some time at the castle at the top of the hill we climbed, took some photos and enjoyed seeing the view. It was truly gorgeous and I plan to post photos soon. 
However, as we were leaving the castle and preparing for the long hike back down I slipped and managed to twist my ankle, scrape up my leg and hurt my arm. 

Justin helped me get down the hill, and it was not fun. 

We have been keeping it wrapped and put ice on it. Justin even found me a cane to use! lol
I have been keeping off of it though and trying to let it heal. Justin has been cooking and taking very good care of me. It gets kinda boring though just sitting and keeping my ankle elevated, and it is a little hard to sleep because of the pain. 

I am enjoying seeing my Justin's loving care for me, it is so sweet! :)

I would appreciate all your prayers for me to heal! I seem prone to twisting my ankle every once in a while. :( 

The Lord has been good, and I am thankful that I didn't break my ankle, I would have never made it back down!!

God bless, 

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do You Value Human Life?

Warning: graphic content, viewer discretion is advised. Not suitable for children.

As the owner of this blog I must add that I was skeptical that people would actually not know who Hitler is. If there are people who truly do not know who he was or what he did, it is an absolute shame that these people grew up and were never taught history. 

Even though some people may not like Mr. Comfort's approach to presenting his argument I think he did make several valid points.

I would like your comments and thoughts. I WILL NOT allow any comments with foul language. I welcome pros and cons to this video, just no swearing.

God Bless,
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

They say it's worth1,000 Words

I was going through my wedding photos and happened upon this exchange of looks between two of my bridesmaids and instantly wondered what they were thinking.... 


I love you both!

God bless, Rebecca

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Wedding-The Formal Portraits

My brother and sister :)

Family, singers and Bridal party

With my Pastor of 19 years

Family and bridal party only (look at Kitty's face! lol)

My youngest siblings. I LOVE this photo it is one of my favorites!!!!!

Janierra, my right hand girl, she was one of the wedding coordinators, mostly she helped me with the wedding shopping and spending girl time together amid the insanity of the planning.

Our parents. 
And total coincidence but, my mom wore pink, his mom wore blue.
I thought that was pretty funny

Looking at my new husband of the past 10 minutes! :)

My in-laws!

I am so glad he kept the goatee for the wedding, it looked awesome!

Our ride- my grandpa's Caddilac

Thankyou Grandpa!!

Off to take pictures!

Our wedding photos were taken at a beautiful public park with ponds, a waterfall and a covered bridge.

I was so thankful the weather was not too warm, but sunny and gorgeous

Waited two and a half years to do that.....

Oh, how I love him,
The Silhouette photos came out beautifully

This shot was not as easy as it looks......

The bridal party,

Justin's sister...

She is not too sure about all this brother-is-married business

With my maid of honor, Lina.

Best man, also his dad!

This shot was tricky... 
lots of roots and rocks are not friendly to high heels!

I love this photo, it truly shows how much I love him!

Everyone's favorite photo.

waiting for the bride and groom to quit smooching so they can go eat!

Off to the reception!

"push him in, push him in!" lol

I look so short! lol

Our Rings.

God bless, 
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