Friday, October 28, 2016

Snow in October... and a Puppy!

It snowed here. The last week of October and it was snowing. We were all confused!

It turned into rain at the end of the day but it was still bizarre.


On this snowy day I was able to visit my sister-in-law and spend the day with her and my nephew.

Their cats were being adorable. Which is unusual apparently. Jack wants to cuddle but Molly is her own independent soul. Poor Jack!

My nephew being so cute! He is officially crawling now. He finally figured out that his hands and knees work together.

He is also babbling and "scream / laughing" and saying "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba" Maybe we will here a "dada" or "mama" soon??


 When my brother came home he had a little surprise! He had picked up their new puppy a few days early!

 Collin Levi was so excited to meet the puppy

Pure joy!

Collin finally got his dog he has wanted for so long

They decided to name the puppy Brutus

I can't wait to see Brutus and Collin Levi become best buds and "Pawtners" in crime! ; )

Love, Rebecca

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beautiful October

Mid October is the peak time to see the beautiful autumn leaves here in New England. 
Last weekend we woke up bright a early to catch the morning light for some photos. 

In our home town there is a lot of bright orange tones.

Look at those yellows!

Justin drives down this road every day for work and he was excited to show me what it looks like with the leaves and sunlight during the morning. What a beautiful drive he has every day! 

We also stopped at "our park" where we had our wedding photos done five years ago.

I love catching the light through the leaves

Look at this fuzzy plant!

I can't decided if I like orange or red better when it comes to autumn leaves...

 Red is so pretty, but so is orange...and yellow...and green....

I hope all my readers who are not in an area where leaves change are enjoying these photos. At least you don't have to rake all these leaves!

Justin walking on the bridge

I have never actually been to the watch tower or the boardwalk... I should probably do that sometime. 

It's like peeking into a magical world

We haven't had much rain so the waterfall is small right now. Still pretty!

Leaves floating on the lake

Reflection of the trees in the lake- can you see the ripple? There are all sorts of critters that live in this lake

I love autumn! 

Love, Rebecca
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October Notes

During a recent visit to see my parents and siblings my brother and his family also stopped by. My mom was of course excited to see her grandson!

Collin Levi loves his Grandma!

My nephew is a little over 9 months old now and is starting to scoot around. He hasn't figured out how to crawl just yet but he is pretty fast!

My dad made this window frame into a wall decor for my mom. I think it looks adorable!

Grandpa and Grandson!

Some of the kids playing Risk with Justin

These two are just way too cute together! 

Jeremiah and Matt planning their strategies.

The leaves are starting to change here! My parents have one tree that changes pretty early in October. It has gorgeous red leaves.

Katey collected these leaves and the dandelion

 Katey said this was the prettiest leaf she could find!

Even though it's mid October my mom's knockout roses are still blooming and there are some new buds starting!

Love, Rebecca
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Moving Day! Collin and Sarah

During September my brother Collin and his wife Sarah said goodbye to apartment life and bought their first home! There was a lot of work to be done to the house before they could move in and my whole family helped out. 

Once the house was ready for the move Justin and I, my dad and some of my brothers were ready!

Halfway through the moving process we stopped for lunch. We had a huge sub sandwich but there were no knives to cut it with. Collin had to break lout a little pocket knife and carefully cut up some slices for us. Oops!

Still trying to cut that sub!

Hey look it's me! I didn't do any heavy lifting due to my back but I was able to help get boxes of essentials unpacked and put away. 

The bathroom door wouldn't close completely, my Dad and Justin were trying to fix it. 

Beginnings of Collin Levi's room!

 The kitchen. That bright minty green wall will eventually be painted over.

This wall used to be blue, Collin painted it a white/soft grey shade.

The red wall. This color looks stunning in person!

This room had VERY old wallpaper. The house was built sometime in the 1940s and the wallpaper had to be at least from the 50s. Now it's a beautiful slate grey. 

I'm thankful we were able to help Collin and Sarah move in. I can't wait to see the house fully decorated once they are done unpacking all those items. 

A big congrats to my little bro on his first home! 

Love, Rebecca

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