Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update on Zoey and our Fish!

This is a video of all our fish, including all of our Bettas. 
I absolutely adore our fish! :) 

Zoey is doing fairly well. 
She has been chirping, singing and screeching. Thankfully she prefers chirping!
She has been eating quite a bit, but has not played with any of the toys yet. 

As of today she is starting to learn how to perch on my finger. Still flighty and timid though! She is not a biter which I am incredibly thankful for!! The few times she got out of the cage I have had to forcibly pick her up and put her back- she has bitten and boy did she bite hard!! Yikes! So yes, I am VERY thankful she does not bite usually. I had a bird years ago that was a biter, not as hard as Zoey, but enough to be annoying. 

So on the whole Zoey is pretty much a sweetheart. Looking forward to being able to bond with her! 

God bless, 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

7 Habits of Highly Effective Homeschoolers

Read the article here at The Five J's

These 7 tips are practical advice on homeschooling, I thought some of my mommy-readers would like this. My mother has a similar approach to homeschooling. 


God bless, Rebecca

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Need Advice

Hello to all my readers, 
I need some advice!

I have been finding it very hard to stay on top of the housework lately because I have been sick or my ankle is throbbing. I try to do as much as I physically can but it just barely puts a dent into the daily mess. 

Any suggestions? Besides the awful "not-feeling-well-feeling" this has been one of the most frustrating parts of being ill and dealing with this dumb ankle of mine. 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet Zoey

Zoey is our new parakeet, we just brought her home today. :) Pin It Now!

Trip to visit Jordan!

I realized I completely forgot to tell you guys and gals all about our trip to see Jordan! For those new to my blog, Jordan was one of my bridesmaids! She lives about 2 and a half hours from where we are, so I don't see her as often as I want too! 

This was a 4th of July weekend picnic! 
Jordan has two sisters- Amber and Danielle, Amber is married to Dan and they have a baby girl named Elisabeth. Dan's brother Nate was also at this picnic with his wife Cara and their three children. 

This is the beautiful lake right beside Jordan's home!

Jordan's dog, Princess! She doesn't like cameras apparently...

Danielle (AKA "Dani")  is Jordan's sister, she was playing bean bag toss with Justin, he dad and her brother-in-law.

Little Julia! 

Justin and Jordan's Dad playing Bean Bag Toss

Jordan and Jakey! 

Nate with his daughter Julia 

Jakey kept putting sand in his mouth no matter what we did, so he was very thirsty!!

Jordan playing with Jakey and Julia

Justin went Kayaking with Dan

Needless to say Justin "jumped" in and got soaked

Jordan and Julia

Jordan trying to get a photo of Nate in mid- air during a back flip

Jordan and I with Jakey! 
Funny side note, Jordan, Danielle, Amber and I were all wearing the same shade of blue shirts!! 

Jakey eating a cherry tomato

Jakey is not too sure about this whole tomato business...

I guess it tastes Yukky! lol

A beauitful Rose of Sharon by the lake!

the little beach front! 

The weather was gorgeous all afternoon!

Beautiful Lily! 

Waiting for the food! lol

Here is Amber's crowning moment! Her American flag cake turned out perfectly!!

 Not only cute, but yummy too!

It was awesome visiting Jordan and her family! 

Jordan is currently in Japan this summer on a missions trip, she will not be back to the States until October.
I miss her very much, and we have been keeping email contact, plus she updates her blog fairly often. 

If you would like to read more about Jordan and her trip, you can visit her at 

God bless, 

P.s. Thankyou to all those who have been leaving comments of encouragement and have been praying for me as I  try to deal with my health issues. You all mean the world to me when you tell me you are praying!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blood Test Results

My blood test results came back, and my thyroid is fine, 
however my cholesterol is a little high and my hormone levels are really out of whack. 

I will be going to see an endocrinologist soon to talk about how to correct this problem with my hormone levels.

Plus physical therapy for my ankle...

And I will be seeing my regular doctor soon about my frequent headaches, migraines and panic attacks...


Let's just say I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.  

My blogging will probably be slowing down while I am dealing with my several doctor appointments, I will try to update as often as I can, 

I guess the worst part is just not being able to do all I want to do. Taking care of my home, my husband and even simple chores is hard, just walking in a store is painful.  This past Monday I was able to scrub the shower and clean up the bed room and livingroom and then that was it! I was so worn out. I SHOULDN'T BE THIS EXHAUSTED!!!!! 

So, yeah. I don't know what I can do. Many mornings I wake up and feel sick to my stomach and shakey.
And for those wondering, yes I have had a pregnancy test done, it was negative. 

Justin has been a saint through all of this, cooking and cleaning when I can't and he does it all without a single complaint.  

I just want to get better. 

God bless, 

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Update on my Ankle

So, went to an Orthopedic doctor today to have my ankle checked out. 
I have a chronic sprain. : (

So, four weeks of physical therapy, a new ankle wrap, and a follow-up appointment will be in 6 weeks. 
I am hoping this will finally help, I have been dealing with this injury for 9 months and it won't heal.

Other news, I recently had bloodwork down and am awaiting the results. 
I have been sick alot lately so we are trying to figure out what on earth is wrong. 


I just want to get better. :( 

God bless, 
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Anniversary Surprise

So, first we visited Mark and Melissa's church service on Sunday morning, 
I had no clue what my surprise was! After the service Justin suddenly appeared with a bouquet of roses, and asked me to walk down to the front of the church. 

Mark began to talk and come to find out Justin arranged for us to have our wedding vows renewed!! 
I felt so special! Mark read off the vows, some about marriage, some about serving the Lord together, some about raising our children up for Him and some about being there for the other no matter what!

Melissa took photos for us (thankyou!!)

Mark praying over us

"You may now kiss the Bride...again" 
Well, he wasn't shy about it this time around..... lol

Afterwards we went to Olive Garden for a scrumptious meal and some amazing Tiramisu!! 
(first time I ever had that was on our honeymoon so that was special!) 
Then we went home, watched a movie and I got a migraine :( (I actually had a migraine after our wedding too....... um, can do without that again!!) 


Thankyou dear! You made me feel so special and I am so thankful that you love me so much! 

God bless, 

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Year Later...

It's been a whole year!! 


Justin has a surprise for us today... I can't wait to find out what it is!! 

God bless, 

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Little Friends of the Aquatic Kind!

We picked up a few new fish today!! I am so excited!!  
We bought this very beautiful red Veiltail Beta, named him Zuko 

Justin got these little guys, they are incredibly small. Five little neon Tetras!

And this little Betta has been with us for several months now, Deedo has been quite a perky fish. He darts around the bowl when he is hungry. 

In a few weeks we will be getting a feathered friend!! I found a cage for free and now once its all cleaned up and ready for its new occupant we will go and get a little parakeet. I am very excited about this! I LOVED the birds my family had when I was younger. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! 

God bless, 
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