Saturday, July 25, 2015

Drink More Water!

This past week was warm, humid and sticky! So for some refreshment and fun Justin and I left our air conditioned apartment to go swimming. While we did have a fun time splashing each other and being silly I made the big mistake of not being careful with how much water I was drinking afterwards. To make a long story short I was very dehydrated and sick as a dog for the rest of the week. I'm starting to feel back to normal today. 

So to anybody who is out and about in humidity and / or heat make sure you drink plenty of water!! I thought I had but obviously I didn't.

Be careful! 

Love, Rebecca

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Favorite Photos of the Week- Birds in Flight

I have read the science of how birds fly many times but I'm still amazed about it!

Here are some of my favorite photographs of various birds in flight that I found on DeviantART this past week. These photographers do an AMAZING and beautiful job and I especially loved how they photographed these breathtaking moments. Enjoy! 

by Jamie-MacArthur

by artbor

by Daniel-Volpert

by ClaudeG

by BogdanBoev

Which photo is your favorite?
Love, Rebecca

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fourth of July Picnic

Every year in July my husband's Aunt throws a picnic for Independence day. When nightfall comes we watch the local fireworks from her backyard. Aunt Stephanie goes all out with the decorations and the food!

The food area all decked out in stars and stripes.

All the cute and yummy appetizers. 

My in-laws

Justin and one of the kids messing around with glowsticks

Aunt Stephanie had so many glowsticks!

My father-in-law brought Kuub. 

Cute little candles

We made glowstick crowns!

While waiting for the fireworks I messing around with the glowsticks, putting them in a water bottle made more light!

I took A LOT of photos but here are just my favorites.

Look at that blue/purple hue!

I hope everyone is having a good July and for my fellow Americans I hope your Fourth of July celebrations went well! 

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

When "In Sickness and In Health" Becomes Mostly In Sickness

Why tummy why?

I had a 24 hour stomach bug on the 4th of July this year.
While many other Americans were out barbecuing, playing games and watching fireworks I was laying on my bathroom floor- sick, tired and crying. A headache that just wouldn't go away all day had turned into this.

Without going into all the gory and gritty details of a stomach bug it was a long exhausting night and my throat felt like it was on fire from the strain. While I was able to keep food down by the next day I was wiped out. It's been four days and I'm just starting to feel ok. 

A lot of thoughts went through my head when it is 3am and I'm sitting in a bath tub in another desperate attempt to rid of this pounding headache. As my husband sat beside the tub with his head bobbing as he started nodding off again I was overwhelmed with emotion. 

I'm sick and I HATE IT. 

Being sick is never fun, but on top of all the other health problems and my back injury it's even worse for me.
I seem to catch things really easily too which just adds to my misery. 

At least I have Justin. He helped me finally get to sleep by 5 am and took extra special care of me over the next few days. The stomach bug had caused my anxiety to skyrocket and I was very emotional. Lots of cuddling, cartoons and a cup of tea can really help!

I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed by my limitations. It's a daily struggle. When you are trying to warm up some leftovers for your dinner and you are shaking like a leaf after 5 minutes it is incredibly frustrating. And Justin is just a sweetheart of course, doing everything he can to make life fun and happy in between the pain and tears. I wish I could do more. I want to do more. But I can't and I have to be okay with that- and its REALLY hard to be okay with that. 

I look at Justin cleaning away in our house and I sigh. I help here and there but it's far from what I want to do. I wish cleaning didn't require so much energy! 


I do have a fourth of July post that will go up soon, we were blessed to be able to see fireworks the week before so I didn't completely miss out.

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Family Reunion For Justin's Grandparents

A few weeks ago several of Justin's extended family members on his maternal grandfather's side of the family gathered together at one of the cousins' homes in my state. This cousin has a nice big backyard backyard so many of the relatives camped over the weekend right on his property. Most of them live out of state with at least 6 to 7 hours of travel.

Some cousins gathered round the fire pit.

There were a lot of little great-grandkids running around. Justin Grandma was so happy to see all her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids!

Sister and brother.

Some of the little kids were having water gun fights. 

Justin showing his cousin an old game he found at a thrift store. Justin always has board games in our van for get-togethers.

Aunt Marianne pulling along on of her grandsons 
Grandma is on the right- she is too cute! Poppa (Justin's grandpa) is on the left sitting in the chair with a ball cap on.

One of the great-grandbabies
Justin's mom, two uncles and their cousins

Too cute!

Justin broke out the giant bubble wands- always a big hit with kids of all ages. There was an audible gasp from the adults and kids when he started making bubbles.

I always love watching the little kids chase the bubbles.

One of the activities for the kids was the parachute games.

With my beautiful mother-in-law. She was recently in a car accident, please pray as she is still in some pain from the accident. She was not seriously hurt and it looks like the car is able to be repaired.

My handsome man.

One of the cute little pooches that was at the reunion.

It was nice to meet more of Justin's extended family that I haven't met yet. I also loved getting to hold a baby and talking with some of the cousins. 

The pictures don't even do justice to just how many people were there! My husband's extended family is HUGE!

Love, Rebecca

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