Thursday, May 30, 2019

Organizing 30 Years of Printed Photos

I finally decided to tackle a huge project this spring and organize all of my mom's 
family photos from the past 30 years. I brought home about 6 photo buckets full to the brim with printed photos. It was quite the task trying to sort through a little over 1,000 physical prints that span 3 decades of my parent's lives.

I set up a little folding table to work on and started the process by separating into three large categories- before I was born, after I was born and after my sister who is 10 years younger than me was born. Any photos that were blurry or redundant were discarded. I also put aside duplicates to give to my adult siblings of our childhoods.

After that separation I further divided piles into years which was painstakingly difficult and tedious. It was a lot of comparing haircuts, clothing, events, and trying to judge how old my siblings were. I have poured hours upon hours into sorting. 

Justin came up with the idea of sorting into sandwich baggies with labels. It made the process much easier as I was previously using existing paper photo envelopes. This bucket in the photo above contained everything from 1999 to 2006. After 2006 the physical prints are pretty sparse due to my family getting a digital camera that fall. Since I actually have a good chunk of the family photos after switching to digital on thumb drives, I plan to get those printed out for my mom.

I originally started filling some cheap thrift store albums before deciding to buy larger albums online. I left the prints in these small albums that were already organized as I was not in the mood to remove and redo the 400 prints that I put in them.

 I found these nice 300 photo pocket albums online and ordered 4 of them. They were about $15 a piece which for their size and quality is nice. 

The albums fits 4x6, 3x4s and 3x5s nicely,
 There is also room to write notes next to each photo pocket. I'm glad I decided to get these albums.

I also bought an 8x10 portfolio album for my mom. She had a decent amount of these professional prints made when I was quite young. The prints used to be framed but now had been stored in an old envelope for years. The portfolio is a nice way to protect and show these beautiful professional portraits.

I am almost at the end of this process and I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures from my childhood and I am so glad to have them organized in albums and no longer sitting in buckets all mixed up. So far between the small albums and the large ones I have filled about 14 separate albums. I can't even begin to explain how many hours have been spent doing this but I did start around Mother's day to give you an idea.

What are your thoughts on my project? Do you think I'm crazy for doing this? 😂

Love, Rebecca

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Friday, May 10, 2019

She Lives!!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let it be known that I'm still alive 👌

Spring time is always busy and refreshing for me. We have so many birthdays to celebrate between our families, a couple anniversaries, Easter, Mother's Day... well you get the idea!

We got our garden going in mid April. Because we rent we don't have space for a veggie garden so we are trying bucket planter pots

Justin wanted to attempt strawberries this year. So far they are still alive...

I got a couple Ranunculus plants this year. I love the big, dramatic blooms this plant sports

Oliver and Justin are doing well. Oliver is busy being a cat. Justin has been trying to perfect his baking and cooking recipes. He is always trying new ideas ❤

Percy turned 6 years old in April! He is enjoying life and food 😂 We got him a new water bottle and a new litter bin for his special day!

I hope he has many more birthdays to come. Percy has no idea how happy he makes me!

I have been doing well. I had to have a root canal done a few days ago. Thankfully I have had very little pain because my tooth was not infected yet. It took a lot of courage to not just flat out ignore the tooth and avoid it until I was going to have pain. I had anxiety but I'm learning its better to just get it over and done with.

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

I'm 30?!

 On this day 30 years ago a little red potato of a baby came into the world with a fabulous hairdo!

30 years later- still a potato! 😂 And I still have that fabulous hair!

All jokes aside, I can hardly believe I am 30 years old now. I don't "feel" 30. What is 30 supposed to feel like? I still think I'm 26 sometimes. 

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Christmas 2018

We kicked off our Christmas celebrations with my brother Collin and his family. Justin and I wanted to prepare a meal for them originally and it slowly turned into a Christmas thing.

 We made cinnamon rolls for Collin and Sarah, along with other brunch types foods. Justin did most of the cooking so I could enjoy cuddles with Henry.

Collin Levi is a wonderful big brother to baby Henry!

He was also VERY impatient about waiting to open presents.

 Justin cooking the potatoes. He also made bacon and a delicious egg and cheese quiche.

 I loved the lights my brother had decorating his hallway. Their two cats had a field day with the tree but at least they couldn't get these lights!

 Collin Levi "helping" Sarah open a gift

Big Collin needed help too!

 Collin Levi did not notice the bow on his head.

Bernard on the other hand did notice the boy on his head 

 "This is why I keep destroying the Christmas decorations"


About a week later my brother Brandon and his girlfriend Maggie visited from Washington state.

Collin Levi was very excited about more presents! 

We had a wonderful time visiting with Brandon and Maggie. 

Uncle Jeremiah enjoying the baby 


Oliver keeps being a good boy as usual. He didn't fuss with any of our Christmas decorations. 

 I made him a special Christmas "present" bed because I'm that crazy cat mom. 

 It was way too cute. 


Since Collin Levi's birthday is Christmas eve we celebrated his birthday a few days early so it would be special. 

 He got some awesome toys for his 3rd birthday! 

The amazing car tower from Grandma and Grandpa.

Mom enjoying a few moments with the baby. It's hard to get time with him when he has so many aunts and uncles wanting to hold him! 

 Uncle Matthew

 Collin Levi enjoying all his cool new toys


 Justin and I exchanged our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. 

 Justin gave me this adorable RWBY shirt!

 I gave Justin a Funko pop from one of his favorite video games Don't Starve.

Justin's family try to get together for Christmas eve every year. We had some people overour home for games before heading to Grandma and Poppa's house. 

Grandma and Poppa 

My sister-in-law Jessica with her husband Gerald - their first Christmas as a married couple!


 Christmas day finally arrived and we spent it with my family. 
Katelyn decorated the chalkboard for us.

Grandma B holding Henry 

My parents' tree. 

My brothers are ready for lunch 

 Grandma M chatting with Collin Levi

 I love this photo. It's so precious!

 Justin and Katelyn

 Time for presents!

 Brandon and Maggie gave us a video call while we opened gifts. Mom is showing my Grandpa the video call.

I noticed that Collin Levi had stolen one of Katelyn's gifts (the cat plushie) 

Sarah taking care of her tired boys 


We had a fun and busy Christmas! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season with your family and friends. I had intended to post sooner but I always seem to get into a slump after Christmas. Probably just a mix of being sad the holiday is over and being tired from all the festivities!

Love, Rebecca

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