Thursday, September 29, 2011

Married Life

Justin and I have been married a little over a month and a half now, and it has been wonderful! 
I know I am still in a newly-wed bliss mode, granted!

I must admit I am surprised by marriage as I thought adjustment to each other was going to be hard. We have been adjusting really well, those 2 years of courtship really paid off!

Has everything been perfect?  No, not perfect. We still have our ups and downs, just like we did when we were courting. Justin is always there to comfort and encourage me... and I do the same for him. 
 Justin has been a terrific husband! I can't brag enough! 
I have yet to meet anyone as loving and patient as him!

Having my own home is absolutely awesome! I love having our own kitchen, our own laundry room, our own living-room! God has been so good to us- people gave us furniture,lamps, and moving help and my parents bought us a washing machine and a dryer!   

Now, a topic I don't write much about but...

Now some may wonder how it was going from no-touching courtship to marriage....
Was it a shock? Nope.
We received excellent counseling on marriage and intimacy. 
Intimacy has been wonderful.  

I love being married!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Wedding- Getting Ready & Pre Ceremony

My dress and shoes.

It took almost two hours to curl my hair I have so much!!

My good friend Yesse did the makeup for us. (she is getting married soon too!!)

We had alot of fun that morning!

One of my bridesmaids helping me with my necklace

Almost ready! We girls prepared for the wedding at my grandmother's house.

my littlest sister gives me a kiss!!

My sisters! Stephanie was my jr. bridesmaid and Katelyn was the flower girl

Justin's mom pinning on his boutonniere

My handsome groom!!

my wedding coordinator- Crystal pinning on my brother's bout. 
She did an AWESOME job coordinating!

Dad pinning on my little brother's bout. Caleb was the ring bearer.

My husband's family!! His dad was our best man.

Groomsmen Mark P. and Mike E. 
My brother Jeremiah handed out programs.

Groomsmen Bruce S. and my brother Collin, 
My brother Matthew is also in this picture, he handed out programs too!

I LOVE this photo!! All three of us sisters!

My wedding went unbelievably smooth with only a few minor problems, one of which was -my veil kept getting caught on the rhinestones on my dress! We tried hairspray to keep it from sticking!
The veil was very special to me, as it is from my mother's wedding. 25 years ago she wore this veil. 

Jordan trying to fix my hair after the veil problem.

Seeing my gorgeous bouquet for the first time!

My mom and grandmother

For my sister's hair we had flowers down the back of her braid. We had seen "Tangled" a few months before the wedding and she loved that movie. When I suggested doing her hair like Rapunzel she was so excited! I think it came out really pretty!

Jordan, Haley, and Jessica looking gorgeous in their gowns!!

Jessica- sister of the groom,  Galina, maid of honor- my dear friends!
Jordan, friend of the bride, Haley, friend of the bride

Jessica organized the seating charts, and headed up the music for the wedding, Galina did the bridal shower and helped with set up/decorating. Jordan did most of the work for the bridesmaid gowns, and Haley helped with the reception. All my girls made this wedding special!

Mom and Dad! I love you both!

My sister had a mini version of my bouquet. :)

Almost time!

Ceremony pictures coming soon!
God bless,

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Honeymoon- Last Day at Sea

The last day of our cruise we sailed home.

We surrounded by open sea all day!

We tried a unique white cake.

It was very yummi!
In the afternoon there was a chocolate buffet! They even had chocolate sushi!!
This was an ice-cream swan

Later on we sat up on the top deck and enjoyed some sun. There was no one else on that deck! 
We did devotions together, it was so nice!

Later on Justin wanted to try sushi...with me. 
I was brave but I just couldn't eat it!!

We headed out on deck at evening to see the sunset

I love my man!!

We actually did watch the sunset...eventually! :)

It was so beautiful
Right after the sun set....
The night and day meet.
We had our last supper in the fine dining

It was very good!!
We found a walrus that night!!

The next day we came home.

The cruise was wonderful and our honeymoon was perfect!!

God bless, 
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wedding photos coming soon!!

I finally received my wedding photos! 

so, as soon as I finish posting honeymoon pics I will post the rest of these!!

God bless, 
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Four at Halifax

On the fourth day of our honeymoon our ship made post in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is so beautiful!!

We passed this church on the way to our walk-through-history tour, the story goes that this church was built in one day. Neat!

We started our tour at the Public Gardens of Halifax.

The public gardens are a very beautiful place.

A beautiful fountain at the gardens.

The grand bandstand at the Gardens.

The Scroll beds.

The Serpentine beds

Griffin's pond.

Well, this seagull found a very fancy perch!

An old clock built by one of the English kings.

A blue nose schooner weather vane
War memorial.

This church was built in 1749!

The worst pre-atomic bomb explosion happened in Halifax in 1917 when a ship exploded. Much of Halifax was destroyed and many people died. This piece of debris flew into the wall of the church during the explosion.

Pipe organ in the church.

We visited a museum with some Titanic exhibits.

A deck chair from the Titanic.

Shoes from the "unknown child"

There were many huge model ships on display at the museum.

There was also an exhibit on the Halifax explosion. 
Interesting story- Boston was the first to send help and aid to Halifax. As thanks Halifax provides and pays for the Boston Commons Christmas Tree every year.

Does anyone remember the "Theodore the Tugboat" children's show???
I used to love watching that show when I was little.   :)
The original boat model from the show was on display a the museum.

A lighthouse lantern on display


Memorial of the Acadian Expulsion

Island connected to the history of the Acadian Expulsion.

Our ship at port.

Halifax was a beautiful city, and I really enjoyed our time there!

All too soon we had to get back on the ship...

We were welcomed back by a little elephant!

God bless, 

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