Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

my youngest siblings
Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!

Justin and I spent the Thanksgiving dinner with my family. 
I think it was the biggest family gathering for a thanksgiving we ever had! 
I was able to see my Uncle from Maine, which was awesome as I haven't seen Uncle Mark in years!
We had grandparents, an aunt and uncle, cousins and my brother's girl friend over for this special meal!
We played games, ate turkey, had scrumptious peanut butter pie and went for a walk. 

And I am writing all this because sadly I have no photos to share as the batteries died...  



But anyways, a big thanks to my parents and grandma for a great meal!

Anyways life is going great. We had a full week revival conference at church and on Friday night my husband was able to lead a young man to the Lord!! 

I also have fallen prey to that nasty old Cold. Chills, fever, headaches, body-aches, name it I got the full deal.  Poor Justin, I finally recover from the ankle injury and now I am down again! 
My sweet man has been taking care of me, and my mother-in-law sent some cough drops and the like with a pretty yellow rose.

Awww, thanks to my mom-in-law!

God bless,

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Indiana Trip

These photos are from our trip to Indiana for a friend's wedding. 

Our trip began with a VERY LONG car ride... a little under 14 hours. 

We saw many beautiful farms and landscapes on the trip.

What better gas station to stop at when you are two newly wed couples going to a wedding?? 
:) As far as I know these aren't in New England. 

We FINALLY stopped for dinner around 9:45. 
I will spare you the very long story of trying to find a place to eat. Two words-- old GPS!

 Kris and Yessenia- the one month newly weds!

Justin and I the three month newly weds!

We finally made it to Indiana at midnight! 
The next evening was the wedding rehearsal

 Bride and Groom at the rehearsal! 
Melissa and Mark!

 at the rehearsal dinner... Justin was a groomsman.

 Tipton, Indiana

 Look at how flat the street is! Not like that in New England.

 The following afternoon Justin and I went to the church, I was able to help out the Bride and her girls while my Husband was with the groom getting ready.

I love this photo! 

The gorgeous bride... 
*side note* 
You can look drop-dead gorgeous in a modest wedding dress.

The groom and company

College sweethearts finally married!!

Believe it or not, Yesse's husband and my own decided
to drive back home the night of the wedding!

We girls were not exactly entirely excited by the notion.
BUT we went along with it...


 We did get to see the sun rise!
note my panoramic shot

We made it home around 11am... and went straight to sleep! 

The trip was alot of fun, and I enjoyed seeing the wedding and Indiana!

God bless, 

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Wedding!

My husband and I just returned from a trip out to Indiana for a wedding...
Our good friends Mark and Melissa are finally wed!
Bride #3 out of four is married!

Back story to the Bride # thing... this photo was taken at the Valentine Banquet of 2011. Only Justin and I were engaged at that time... by May the other three couples were engaged and one by one getting married!

The Three brides! I am in center, Yesse at left, and Melissa at right.

Melissa had us get this photo to celebrate... one more couple to wed in January!
I will have to write a post sometime and explain how special "The Four Brides" story is!

God bless, 
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I thought you all might enjoy getting to know my husband!

He has an awesome goatee.
Justin and the Goat comparing. 
I LOVE his goatee! :)

Justin has his inner-child moments...

He has this favorite shirt that he wears...alot. Often he requests for it to be washed asap. 

He smiles... in his own way! :)

He is a great teacher and loves our teen group. His burden for them to serve the Lord is so encouraging to me. 

My Man is EXTREMELY ambitious. And he loves to cook.

He is an awesome husband!

There is still so much more to Justin then meets the eye.
First off, one of the funniest things is I recently realized I married a "nerd" of sorts! :)
He loves legos, comics and video games, his favorite board game is "Catan" 

While that is funny, I also married a man who has many amazing qualities. 
Justin is a hard worker, he is very ambitious and the teen activities he puts together are awesome.

My husband has ADD, and sometimes asks for my help to keep him on track. The ADD doesn't affect him too much, but once in a while he needs that extra little help from me.

He is never satisfied with just being average about anything, I love how my husband always strives to improve things whether it be a dish he cooks, or a lesson he teaches. 

He has a very creative mentality and loves to write stories or invent new games. 

Justin is a very analytical thinker, which is very interesting to me. Its neat to see how he thinks over problems and works out different solutions. 

Justin has a servant's heart and a preacher's mind. Discussing Bible doctrines with him is one of my favorite past-times. 

My husband is alot of fun! If I am ever "moody" he will do things to make me laugh and help me get out of "I-feel-so-sorry-for-poor-me" moments. And even when I have a good attitude, or just am my normal cheery self, he is alot of fun to be around.

All these things make my man who he is, but the best part is how much he cares for me. 
I often struggle with worry and even if it is 3:00 in the morning he will be there for me, talk to me, hold me close and pray for me. He always reminds me that I just need to trust the Lord and not worry. 

My husband loves me! Even when I get mad, even when I am sick, even when I am tired,worried and not being the godly wife I want and should be... he just holds me close. He reminds me he loves me. He forgives me. 

Then I think that if my husband, an imperfect human being, can love me like much more God loves me!

So that's my long rambling post on my wonderful husband...!  :) 
God bless, 
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter Storms and Twisted Ankles

If any of you keep up with the news you probably heard about "Winter Storm Alfred" and all the damage he caused in New England. Well it is all true. We have been days without power and we lost several groceries on our fridge. :( which is not fun at all. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as several people have died during this whole ordeal due to problems with generators and house fires from candles/fireplaces.

The sad part is the fact that many trees have been destroyed because of the wet snow. Many trees still have leaves on their branches and the wet heavy snow has ripped branches and whole trees right to the ground. A tree fell on our local power plant leaving us and a good chunk of surrounding towns without power.
We have been visiting local restaurants for Internet services and warm meals!

Enough bad news though! Here is some good news! I went to see a doctor about my ankle! Got an x ray and nothing is broken! *sweet relief *. We were starting to worry about that. Doctor said that I tore a ligament pretty bad and that with some heat therapy and rest I should be ok and heal soon.

A funny story to tell. When I went for the x rays that nurse and I had a very interesting conversation....

Nurse: you are married pretty young is this because of religious belief?
Me: (I am 22) No
It has nothing to do with religious belief. I'm a baptist.
Nurse: oh I thought you were Amish or something you know - with the skirt and everything.

I had quite the laugh! I was wearing a long skirt. But I had a purple striped long sleeve shirt on and my hair in a pony tail. I hardly think I looked anything like the Amish! I have been asked that before just because I had a skirt on. Lol

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