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Other online blogs and sites you can find me on!

Butterfly Day's FB Page
this blog's facebook page- give it a like!

The Perfection Deception
This is my Tumblr blog. Posts are about TRUE beauty and what makes a person valuable as compared to society's expectation and opinion on what beauty and a person's worth is.

My Deviant Art Gallery
Where I got my start in photography, I still update this gallery every few months. Most of my old work is still up on this website

My Instagram
I post photos a few times a week and the occasional photo of my cat Oliver!

My Pinterest
cute animals, recipes and photography!

My Twitter
tweet me!

The Fluffy Bird Blog
All things feathered and oh-so fluffy

My Favorite Music Playlist
I find this music is very helpful while cleaning my house! This playlist seems very calming to my birds as well

Before the Veil
My old blog on everything from singleness to the newlywed stage.
This blog is not currently active but feel free to browse the archive!

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