Other Websites

Other online blogs and sites you can find me on!

Butterfly Day's FB Page
this blog's facebook page- give it a like!

The Perfection Deception
This is my Tumblr blog. Posts are about TRUE beauty and what makes a person valuable as compared to society's expectation and opinion on what beauty and a person's worth is.

My Instagram
I post my current best photos a few times a week and the occasional photo of my cat Oliver!

My Pinterest
cute animals, recipes and photography!

The Fluffy Bird Blog
All things feathered and oh-so fluffy

Before the Veil*
My old blog on everything from singleness to the newlywed stage.
This blog is not currently active but feel free to browse the archive!

My Deviant Art Gallery*
Where I got my start in photography, Most of my old work is still up  and view-able on this website.

*no longer actively updating Pin It Now!

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