Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 My little piece of the sky is gone.

When my husband and I were forced to move this past March it quickly became apparent we were going to be unable to find an apartment that would let us bring all three of our pets.  

 I was beyond devastated about losing a pet because I take pet ownership very seriously. We simply could not find any apartments that would allow our cat, rabbit and bird, let alone ANY pets.

I had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome our bird. I was relieved though to find out that a relative of my husband was willing to take Zoey for us. I could still visit my little girl. I was still upset she couldn't be with us but thankful Zoey was close by. 

 I received the news no one wants to hear about their pets. My little girl had gone missing. 
My husband's relative believes she may have gotten outside when a door was opened.

It's been two weeks and I'm still a bit emotional about losing Zoey. I cling to the hope that maybe someone in the neighborhood found her and took her in.

I know some people might think "Meh, it's just a bird, it's sad but not a big deal." 
For me it is a big deal. I've lost a pet, she wasn't "just a bird" to me. She was my little girl, my little "fluffy-butt", she was obnoxious and silly and cute. 

Goodbye Zoey, I will miss you


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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pretty Penny Yarns

 Happy October everyone! If you are anything like me, you start your Christmas shopping early! 
So to help you on your Christmas gift giving search I wanted to shout out my Mom's new Etsy page!

During the past two years my mom started discovering a love of crocheting little baby hats! She had started making hats for the new grandbaby and started learning so many new techniques and patterns.

After making quite a few hats as gifts for baby showers a lot of the church ladies started asking her if they could buy hats from her.

 So my mom decided to take the plunge and start her own Etsy page!

 My mom decided to call it "Pretty Penny Yarns"

If you are searching for that perfect baby shower or even a Christmas or birthday gift you should check out my mom's page! She makes hats for newborns to children!

You can also check out her Instagram page 
link: HERE


Love, Rebecca

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Tea With Grandma

My husband's grandmother invited me to a little get-together with some of her friends back in July,

We went to this adorable little tea room for the luncheon!

This little restaurant had one regular menu and a second menu just for their teas!

I chose an egg salad tea sandwich

The decor was absolutely precious and I thoroughly enjoyed admiring the teacups.

I loved looking at all the patterns on the cups and saucers.

I chose an apple cinnamon tea. It was very delicious.

Such happy smiles!

Look how cute my sandwich was!

Everyone who ordered hot tea got a little kettle of the tea ready to pour.

After sandwiches it was time for dessert,

 I picked out this scrumptious red velvet cake with a cream cheese custard filling.

Look how cute all the ladies are sitting around the table just chatting away!

I had a very lovely time with Grandma and her friends. I can't wait to visit this little tea place again. It was so unique and charming. I'd love to take my mom there but she doesn't like tea! (She is really missing out!!)

So are you a tea or coffee person?
A hot chocolate person?? 

Love Rebecca


On the evening before Labor Day my husband's grandma experienced a stroke. She was taken to the Emergency room and kept for a few days. She is home now and doing well. Prayers for her continued recovery are greatly appreciated!

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Stuff and Things

My absence from this blog for about a month now was unintentional and partly due to boredom I suppose. I don't think blogging is quite as popular now as it was when I first started and it does occasionally feel like I'm talking into a empty room. I used to get reader interaction all the time which made blogging quite enjoyable for me but now it's very rare. 

I still have lots of thoughts I'd love to share on current events and topics but I'm hesitant to attract negative attention because of the opinions I have. Not to mention anything you write on the internet stays forever, and some people LOVE to dredge up old and abandoned ideas people have expressed in the past and harass them. Because people obviously have no ability to change their opinion on something after 5+ years (*sarcasm*)

Anyways, I hope to be posting again soon once I get over this complaining mood 😐

Love, Rebecca

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

4th of July

We celebrated Independence Day with my side of the family this year.

Katelyn and her friend M with the corn!

Caleb looking so cute as usual!

Justin and I went to the dollar store and bought decorations for the picnic. I found this starry wreath and turned it into little crowns for everyone.

A tiny green bee or fly of some sort on my mom's cornflowers

I gotta say he looked pretty cute!

My brother video called us from California. Stephanie is showing off her shirt to him.

After lunch my grandparents came with my cousin L. She was excited to be a patriotic fairy

Everyone enjoying dessert!

My little cousin is too cute!

We had such a lovely day with nice cool weather!

I hope you all have had a very nice July so far.

Love Rebecca

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Monday, July 3, 2017

A Tale of a Picnic, a Thunder Storm and Fireworks

My husband's aunt hosts a 4th of July party every year on the same night as her town's fireworks show. It's always an impressive display and since the fireworks are practically exploding over her home we get a perfect view.

Aunt Stephanie always goes all out when it comes to decorations

I love this cute banner she made

Thunder was starting to rumble as we began the meal.

Aunt Stephanie made fresh meatballs and gnocchi.

She always goes above and beyond with the food. You never leave Aunt Stephanie's house hungry!

The sky was beginning to get grey but we kept on with the festivities.

Right as Justin and Cam began to play a game it started to rain.

Then it began pouring... we finished our meal inside.

A couple hours later the rain stopped just in time for the fireworks.

It was a beautiful display

I hope my fellow Americans have a fun 4th of July! 
Remember to be safe around fireworks!! 

Love, Rebecca

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