Friday, December 8, 2017


We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year!
My youngest sister Katelyn did the chalkboard art this year. She also made the adorable banner.

My annual Thanksgiving photo with the four youngest siblings.

Katelyn and I had fun with festive snapchat filters

Making that scrumptious turkey dinner!

My mom getting the biscuits ready.

In hindsight these glittery center pieces were pretty but very messy.

With my baby brother Collin!

Sarah and Collin Levi

Katey with a nice non-glittery decoration

My little brother Caleb!

Katelyn is one awesome auntie!

My dad carving the turkey

My parents!

Time for dinner!

Collin and Sarah made the stuffing

Justin helping my mom serve

The kids table with Matthew hiding

The food was delicious

I made two peanut butter pies for dessert. My sister in law made an apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake bars!

Matt enjoying apple pie and ice cream

Caleb also enjoying some apple pie.

Katelyn and Justin

Jeremiah looking so handsome! (his arm is doing great!)

My grandparents stopped by later on in the day

My grandpa is so cute!

It was awesome to see my cousin Lily!

Collin Levi has the right idea!!

On to Christmas!!

Love, Rebecca

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Flamig Farm

When I was a little kid I looked forward to my family's annual trip to a fair in our state. My favorite exhibits were always the animal barns. I even bought my first rabbit at a fair when I was 15 years old.

Since my ankle injury and subsequent back injury it's not easy for me to be walking around for several hours. Because of this I haven't been able to go to any fairs in a while. 

We were actually going to attempt to go to a fair this year but I got a stomach bug that day. I was so disappointed! 

Justin came up with a great suggestion the next morning- what about a farm/petting zoo? 

So I did some research and found an amazing farm to visit!
It was a drive to get there but it was worth it.

Flamig Farm has about 400 chickens. There were chickens everywhere!

Justin really liked this super fluffy chicken that had blue skin on it's face.

The chickens were actually not as loud as I was expecting. 

 Justin throwing food to the chickens

The guinea fowl however were VERY loud. 

Prepare your ears!

Such funny birds!

 My husband really enjoyed the little cornish hens.

 One of the barns. I loved that they had solar panels on the roof!

I kinda fell in love with the goats.

They were very sweet and came right up to the fence.

Look at that cute face!

This one kept dozing off  in a patch of clover.

They way the goats ate the grain cracked me up.

Comparing beards?? 😂

I liked the black, white and brown colors on this little girl.

Warning headed!

I wouldn't go near him with a ten foot pole!

The weather was nice and mild. A perfect mid-October day.

Flamig also had some llamas and alpacas.

So cute!

Look at those eye lashes!

Um.... a mustachioed llama??

I didn't go near the llamas because I don't trust them not to spit on me. 

 There were some peacocks and peahens too! Their feathers are so brilliant in person.

It was a bit tough to take photos of them because of the chicken wire

 I took a lot of photos and 5 or so were decent.

 My best one!

One of the Clydesdale horses.

 This donkey was very sweet.This was my first time seeing a donkey in person 
It was a lot smaller than I expected

 I had fun giving out pets and head scratchies.

A little cow
Justin's favorite part of our trip was seeing the emus!

Another barn.

A pig in the mud

This sheep was so persistent about getting the food s/he was shoving other sheep out of the way!

This white sheep was pushed a lot but I was able to give her some grain.

Kicking the fence for food

A gorgeous pony

This 18 year old Shetland pony was adorable!

He liked to stick his tongue out.

We decided to become best buds 

I love the tongue!!

One of the tractors.

Baby chicks!!!!!

This senior farm cat on her throne

Spotted some butterflies in one of the flower gardens. This is an American Painted Lady

A nice antique truck!

Look at these beautiful flowers! These are red coneflowers. 

I love this arrangement. 

A very appropriate planter!

The famous backwards "Eggs" sign. and yes it's supposed to look like this.

 My back was sore at the end of our visit but we both had a very awesome time and we definitely plan to go again!

Love, Rebecca
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