Sunday, August 30, 2015

Favorite Photos of the Week- Hummingbirds

My Grandma loves hummingbirds and when ever I visit her house I keep an eye on her bird feeder to see if I can catch a glimpse of those fast and agile birds.

Here are some of my favorite photographs of hummingbirds that I found on DeviantART this past week. These photographers do an AMAZING and beautiful job and I especially appreciate the talent required to photograph these tiny and colorful little birds. Enjoy! 

Humming Bird Colorado 2010 (Rufous Hummingbird)
by artbor 

by Jamie-MacArthur

Perched and Pretty (Costa's Hummingbird)
by ariseandrejoice

The Pose (White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird)
by braindrainphotos

Hummingbird Flasher (Broadtail Hummingbird)
by papatheo

My favorite hummingbird is definitely the Fiery-throated Hummingbird- I mean just look at those colors!!

Do you have hummingbirds where you live? 
Which photo is your favorite?
Love, Rebecca

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Caleb's 11th Birthday!

Caleb just turned 11 this month! (his birthday is the same day as my anniversary- Aug 12th)
Stephanie hand made him this awesome card!

Some of Caleb's gifts.

One of the siblings gave him this awesome tee shirt.

Katelyn being silly.

Sarah and Collin!

We had a picnic style meal, complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, summer squash and watermelon.

My adorable Grandparents!

Caleb's birthday cheesecake!
One of Caleb's presents was this costume. That mask is creepy and funny at the same time!

Had to take a selfie with Matthew because look at those beautiful brown eyes of his!

Sarah's baby bump!

After the party the kids played board games with Justin. 

I can't believe my baby brother is 11 years old now... my siblings are growing up so fast!!
Love a proud big sister, Rebecca

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Cat and a Rabbit

My brother Collin, his wife Sarah and their kitty Molly. 

Molly is a very curious little cat

Justin's shoes are her favorite things to play-attack when we visit.

She is a very mischievous little cat.

During a recent visit my brother and his wife brought their cat. Here is Molly's opinion on my decorating choices....she isn't impressed.

Collin wanted to see how Molly would react to my rabbit, Percy. They sniffed each other a bit but Percy couldn't have cared less. Lettuce is far more interesting.

Molly loves her mommy!

Here is a little video of Molly goofing around. It's pretty cute!

Love, Rebecca

Thankyou for everyone's prayers for my kidney stone issue, I passed the stone and am back to normal. Now comes the fun part with trying to figure out why I got the stone in the first place. 

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Our 4 Year Anniversary!

This year for our 4th wedding anniversary we decided to keep it simple and relaxed. This year we chose to start the evening before after Justin got back from work. 

We had a gift card to Olive Garden so we were able to "splurge" and get a strawberry and passion fruit Limonata. I don't generally care for lemonade or citrus in general but I really liked the Limonata, plus it was so cute! I had the chicken rosemary dish and it was very good!

Justin gave me an adorable card and a bouquet of flowers. 

 We saw a lovely sunset that evening too.

The next morning was our actual anniversary so we went out for bagels, and then headed to a theater to go see Pixar's Inside Out. The movie was SO CUTE! If you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it.   

 After the movie we grabbed some Froyo and then headed home.

 One of the gifts from Justin was this pierce-less ear cuff. I love it!
Sorry for the poor photo quality, I didn't want to lug around my camera since its kinda heavy, so I just used my phone.
I really loved how we did our anniversary this year, and I still can't believe its already been 4 years since we got married! I know some of you have been reading since before I got married, and I just want to say thank you for all your well-wishes, prayers, encouragement and comments. Can you all believe its been four years?? 

Here's to many more years with my Love, 
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Monday, August 10, 2015

My Favorites From My Childhood- The Prince of Egypt

It's a proven fact that certain smells and sounds can trigger memories, and for some reason I had a sudden urge to look up the soundtrack to "The Prince of Egypt" after hearing a bit of music that reminded me of the cartoon. Dreamworks' 1998 Bible-based musical about Moses and the children of Israel is honestly a masterpiece. If you have never seen this movie I highly recommend it.  The music and art direction in this movie is breathtaking. The songs are so well written and performed it still gives me chills to this day. "Deliver Us," has made me tear up every single time and it's been 17 years!  

While "The Prince of Egypt" is not entirely accurate to the Biblical account of Moses it is still worth the watch. The film really helps interject a sense of relatable human emotions that children can understand and identify with. After a recent re-watch of some scenes I noticed how often small children were used to convey emotion in the story. 

Below is a choir version of the song "When You Believe" from the beautiful animated film. 

What was one of your favorite films or animated features from your childhood?? 
I'd love to hear about them!

Love, Rebecca

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Visit to the Emergency Room - Kidney Stone!

For the past few days I have been experiencing sharp pain in my lower left side of my back. I assumed it was just my herniated discs acting up again so I just did my usual regimen of pain management with heat, ice and the occasional pain medication. Yesterday morning however the pain woke me up and it was intense. Pure burning, stabbing misery all on my lower left side. We kept thinking it was my back but then as the day progressed I started to have a hard time using the bathroom and that was when it started to dawn on me that I might be dealing with a kidney stone.

With nothing working to relive the pain Justin took me to the ER. I passed out from the pain in triage, than later fell asleep in a wheel chair in the waiting room. About 2 and a half hours after we had arrived I was admitted into a room. I was hooked up to an IV and given morphine. I've never had morphine before and wow...that stuff is fast acting. I've never had an IV before either but it wasn't as scary as I expected.  I had a very nice nurse named Franklin and he was very kind and patient. He had a hard time finding the blood vessel to do the IV in, but kept cracking jokes so I wouldn't feel upset. Later on in the evening they gave me a CAT scan and found a 2mm stone in my left kidney. My tormentor has been found!!

 I'm home now with pain meds and another med to help me pass the stone. I almost had a panic attack a few times  at the hospital but Justin was there so I was able to calm myself down. I'm in a bit of pain today but its significantly less.
Please pray I pass the stone soon and for follow up with my doctor so we can prevent these stones.  I've apparently had smaller ones in the past that I thought was just my herniated discs acting up.

 I took a funny selfie at the ER so enjoy.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Percy Update! - Behavior and Training

Hello everyone! I just realized that I haven't talked about Percy much recently so here is a little update and some photos!

Percy turned 2 years old in April, and has mellowed out quite a bit this summer. During most of last year while he was going through sexual maturity Percy would often growl at us (yes bunnies growl!) He refused any petting, would kick and scratch and started spraying urine everywhere. Needless to say I was pretty heartbroken. He was a complete sweetheart as a baby and I felt afraid that maybe, just maybe he hated me.

But now that our little furball is 2 he has developed a mellow and frisky personality. He likes head rubs and pets and actually comes up to us for affection. We are able to let him roam the house for about 20 min to an hour per day and he has almost completely ceased peeing on things and doesn't spray unless he gets startled by loud noises.

We have changed a few things with our care of him, the biggest change was avoiding physically picking him up as much as possible. Some rabbits understandably get VERY scared from being picked up as they are prey animals. We did notice a change in him when we stopped trying to pick him up. We have also improved his "potty training" and he knows the word "no" with a finger snap sound means to stop.

We are able to let him out if we have company over now which is really nice. Very few people are used to indoor rabbits so its always a conversation starter. Its awesome watching even the most rambunctious people we know be calm and quite when he is out so they don't scare him.
 (That's Sarah and Collin in the photo by the way!)

Here is a photo of Percy at just 9 weeks old. I just can't get over how adorable baby rabbits are and I'm so glad I took lots of photos from those days. I'm so thankful that Justin and I were able to figure out how to improve things for Percy. Even if he stayed a mean old grumpy rabbit I would never have given him away, but I am SO RELIEVED now to have my sweet bunny back! I hope he has a long life with us!

Love, Rebecca

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