Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015!

I hope all my readers who celebrated Thanksgiving had a lovely and yummy day! 
We did things a little bit different this year and us married kids brought some food and desserts and were in charge of precooking certain parts of the meal. I think it worked out better that way. There is only so much room in the oven or on the stove! 

Collin mashing the potatoes

Dad carving a turkey leg

Caleb and Sarah

Katey filming for her vlog!

The kids table! 

The kids-at-heart table!

After the delicious meal Collin and Molly took a cat nap.

Everyone pitched in to help clean up.

Katelyn sneaking a cookie, "I can't help it!" she told me, "they are SOOOO GOOD."

Caleb with his paw-tner in crime.

Justin brought along his N64 and introduced my siblings to some classic Nintendo.

Playing Smash Bros.

Everyone resting after clean up

I'm learning how to crotchet thanks to Youtube tutorials and my mom!

Katey looking at family pictures with Grandpa

Janierra had to work (so not fair!) but she was able to swing by for some food and dessert. 

breaking out all the pies

My sister knows which pie is the best- peanutbutter pie!!

Matthew wanted some of Sarah's homemade Oreo cheesecake

Mom talking with Grandpa and Grandma

When the desserts were safely tucked into our bellies we were able to decorate the Christmas tree! 

Dad and Katey doing the garland  

Katey hanging ornaments 

She really liked this glass snowflake 

This ornament is older than Katelyn!  

Look how pretty that tree is!

We ventured outside before it got dark to snap a few family photos

Mom, Dad, and the younger set of kids with Grandma and Grandpa

Justin and I 

Sarah, Collin and Baby Bump! 
(baby is due in three weeks!!!!!!!!!!)

Mom and Dad


Here is Katey's vlog about our Thanksgiving! 

How was your Holiday? 
Love, Rebecca
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Favorite Photos of the Week- Fluffy Birds!

Fluffy birds are the cutest ever in my opinion!

Here are some of my favorite photographs of fluffy birds that I found on DeviantART this past week. These photographers do an AMAZING and beautiful job and I especially love seeing these adorable moments. Enjoy!

by BlueLunarRose

by blizzard2006

by naomih91

by Jamie-MacArthur

by JRd1st

Roaring Mountain Poofbird
by Canislupuscorax

Which photo is your favorite?
Love, Rebecca

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Monday, November 2, 2015

My New Glasses!

After waiting anxiously for about a week or so my glasses finally arrived this past Saturday. I think Justin was more excited then I was about their arrival since he opened the package right away and was grinning like crazy when I tried them on.  

I am noticing a difference already, it is mind boggling that I wasn't seeing clearly for a while now. In my opinion the astigmatism is more annoying then the nearsightedness. 

My eyes feel weird when I remove them since everything has that slight blur. I have been doing the "take them off and look, put them on and look" every so often. 

I don't need them all the time which is nice, I could wear them all the time for the astigmatism if I wanted to. I watched a movie the other night and it was so clear!! It's funny that I can see things sharper now that are across the room from me. 

My mom and two of my brothers wear glasses so I will fit right in :)

Love, Rebecca
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