Saturday, February 28, 2015

My 26th Birthday!

Hello everyone! As of yesterday I am now officially 26 years old. I had a wonderful birthday thanks to my husband and my family. They all spoiled me rotten! 

Here is a beautiful card that my youngest sister, Katelyn drew for me. She also gave me a beautiful shiny nickel! 

Collin and Sarah gave me a beautiful card and a giftcard. 

My 16 year old sister Stephanie surprised me with this GORGEOUS hand drawn card featuring one of my favorite characters from the online anime RWBY.

I thought the doodle of herself in the card was just way too cute and I love all the hard work that went into making this card for me. I think this is hands down my favorite birthday gift I received this year

Jeremiah, Matt, Caleb and Katelyn chipped in together and got me some Lindor truffles. Talk about spoiling me! 

My family gave me a blue-ray of my favorite movie- Howl's Moving Castle. 

.....and Justin gave me a DVD of the same movie...oops! I guess I was too talkative about what my favorite movie was lol. He also gave me the book too. I can't wait to read it! 

Caleb, Kitty with the newlyweds. 

The kids decided our brother Brandon needed a new look. 

My husband! :D 

My beautiful sister Stephanie. <3 

My handsome brother Jeremiah- he is getting so tall! 

Looking through wedding photos with Collin and Sarah. 

Justin made chocolate cupcakes, that were filled with caramel AND he made ganache. This boy can cook! 

My dad. He pulled his back out right before my birthday and is currently still dealing with pain. I hope he feels better soon. I for one know how awful back pain is! 

With Matt and Kitty. Such cuties! 

A closer look at the beautiful card. You can find more of my sister's art HERE 


Lina from Life According to Lina surprised me with a Loot Crate for my birthday. It was soo sweet of her! Lina and I are long-time friends since childhood and I love that we still keep in touch even though we live so far away from each other. 

Love, Rebecca

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

20-Something and Still Confused

Hello Readers! 

I'm turning 26 soon, and that to me is crazy. I know I'm still just a "young spring chicken" as some would say! Still in my perspective it's mind-boggling. I feel like I was just turning 16 a few days ago, and here I am 10 years later. 

I'm definitely not where I thought I'd be in life when I was 16 and thinking of the future. I thought I would be a mother by now, and maybe have a little photography business on the side.

Instead I am dealing with a back injury and spending my days struggling to do simple tasks. But at least I am still here, I have a WONDERFUL husband and life goes on. 

Last year before my 25th birthday I felt quite panicked. It's a common myth we 20-somethings have to deal with- this idea that we should "have it all together." My 20s are passing me by so quickly and I had accomplished nothing so far. Being an adult is confusing... but I've been learning over this past year that it is simply not true- and that it is totally ok to not have everything figured out in life.   
I've been happier in the past 6 months than I had been in a while. I am slowly coming to terms with my limitations because of my back pain, and I am learning better how to handle my anxiety and depression. I still get my low moments, but it has not been anywhere near as bad as it used to be. 

I have been meeting with my pastor as often as I can do- about once every month or so. Counseling is AMAZING. Especially when you have a compassionate and patient pastor. It can be an exhausting process dealing with all my doubts and fears but it's one of healing. Our pastor and his wife have been the most encouraging in reminding me that I DON'T have to be perfect. 

I still have to do with a considerable amount of loneliness. Being sick keeps you home-bound. It is also hard to build relationships when I am always paranoid that I'm annoying to be around. (still working on that!)

So now, to all my readers who are past their 20s, 
What was your experience in those years? Did you ever experience the panic that you didn't have everything figured out? Any advice for us younger ones? 

Love, Becca

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sarah and Collin's Wedding- Family Portraits and Funny Photos

My family is growing! 

Kissing again?!

The ladies

The men.

With my parents

With my maternal grandparents.

With my paternal grandmother

The married kids! :)

All the kids- siblings, a cousin and the flower girl and ring bearer.

Silly faces! 

This one is my favorite! 


In between photo sessions there were a few sillier moments

"Jumping for Joy"
And no- I didn't know my brother could jump THAT HIGH! 

I guess the bridal party got tired of all the smooching...

I was supposed to be taking a photo of my brother and his girlfriend when Collin jumped in...

Brandon and his girlfriend

Collin is such a beautiful groom...

A cute moment with Sarah and Stephanie.

The adorable bride and groom

And here we have Bobby M. hard at work- he did beautiful job capturing the wedding!

Collin and Sarah stayed at a Bed and Breakfast for their honeymoon.
They are doing very well and enjoying adjusting to married life together.
Last week their kitten was able to be picked up and brought home.

I hope you all enjoyed the photos and I thank you all so much for celebrating with me! 

Love, Rebecca
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sarah and Collin's Wedding- Portraits

All but one of the photos below are by the wedding photographer Bobby M. 
Mine is in black and white.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos! 

 Since we had a snowstorm the day of the wedding there had to be a few snow shots of course. 

Everyone's favorite photo! I plan to frame this for my home.

Back in the nice warm church for more portraits.

The flowergirl and the ringbearer.

Sarah with her ladies

My sister-in-law is so gorgeous!

Collin with his men.

The little guy makes me laugh everytime I see this photo

My brothers

A VERY normal moment for these two. They always loved to roughhouse since they were very small.

Dad and Collin.
Almost all of us kids look a lot like my dad. Collin however looks the most like him. He just needs a mustache lol.

My handsome brother.

The wedding bands

Believe it or not this was actually a tough photo to get.
 Sarah kept losing her balance, It turned out beautiful though!

Collin's wedding band has a wood in-lay.
He has always liked things that were different and unique so it totally suits him! 

Family photos will be following soon! That will be the last post of their wedding photos.

Love, Rebecca

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