Saturday, June 30, 2012

Myrtle Beach Trip-Tuesday

On Tuesday we didn't do much for a big and unfortunate reason. 
Whatever you do, don't ever agree to joining a tour to get half price tickets to events, especially for Wydham Resorts. We were told a 2 hour tour, the entire thing took 6 hours. We were stuck there from 9am till  3:30pm We couldn't even get lunch! We didn't even get the tickets for the times that we were promised and that we had thought were reserved for.  It was horrible. DON'T EVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!! 
So because of this our day was really boring. So just a few photos.

A giant Seafood place

See? Giant Seafood!! 

We did see an Osprey with a fish

I love these birds.

When we got back to the Condo we saw this Egret outside

Very pretty! 

After getting back to the Condo we all just kind of relaxed finally.

Justin reading

So, this was our one really bad day.... but the rest of the week was nice!!! 

God bless, 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Myrtle Beach Trip- Monday-part 2- Wonder Works

I have wanted to visit this place for a very long time now!! 

So I was pretty excited that we were able to go! 

The Entrance to the Museum

The ceiling inside the entrance

Kind of neat!

Justin trying out the Titanic waters 

Justin and Jess on the 360 bikes

You had to pedal them to make them move

Justin after the bikes

Jessica on the giant piano

The Mind ball 

This was pretty cool

Jessica on the Space simulator

Justin trying out a space shuttle

Me trying to figure out the flight simulator

It was really hard to figure out! 

Justin the space man! 

Jessica on the balance challenge 

So high up! 

So, that wraps up our trip to Wonder Works! More photos on the way! 

God bless, 

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Myrtle Beach Trip-Monday, part 1

On Monday we visited "Broadway on the Beach"

This place had many cute little stores and novelty shops

as well as interesting animal sightings

Justin found a big lolipop!!!!

Wall of candy

Awww so "sweet!"

More sweets

Too many sweets!!!

A whole room just for Wonka

Mini gummy bears

My mom would love these!!! 

Awww, it is empty :( 

Jessica has a friend! 

Mom M's new pet! 

Jessica's new boyfriend in one "built" guy! 

I don't wanna be a pirate! 

All Lego mural

Justin really likes Legos

He really really does!! 

A Lego man made of Legos! 

I thought that was a weird rock at first. 

Stuffed animals! I'm in heaven! 

At Johnny Rockets! 

My amazing Mocha Fudge shake

Such yummy food!

The waitresses dancing, it was pretty neat!

A duckling! 

The fish were crazy there...

VERY crazy!! 

Next post will be about the Wonder Works Museum!!!!! 

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