Monday, June 29, 2015

Double Date Night!

One of the nicest parts of having a married sibling is the opportunity for double dates together!
 We had dinner at our place and then took Collin and Sarah to our favorite park and an ice cream place.

Collin wanted a photo in front of the waterfalls.


I'm so thankful that Sarah and I get along so well, I feel very blessed!

Group photo!
So cute...
Collin has a baby-bump?? Or too much candy? Hmmmmm

At the ice cream place. It's a local farm that makes their own ice cream and it is AMAZING.

Cows at the farm.

I also happened to see a little house sparrow guarding his little nest.

I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to get together with my brother and his wife and I can't wait to have more adventures with them!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Rain Drops

During the rainy spell we had earlier this month Justin and I went to our favorite park to take photos.

We found this little caterpillar, I'm pretty sure it is a Gypsy Moth.

A tiny little Queen Anne's Lace

The sky light up the foliage

I can't describe how beautiful and green everything looked- and the smells! So refreshing!

Tiny little purple flowers!

There are a few waterfalls at this park and with all the recent rain they were extra pretty!

Little yellow flowers

Kousa Dogwood blossoms

Love, Rebecca

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rainy Weekend

In the first few days of June this year we had a few days of cold weather and rain. It was chilly enough to need a coat!

Justin being the goofball I love so much.

We visited a waterfall during those rainy days.

It was even colder near the waterfall. I was shivering by the time we left. I should've grabbed my coat!

We did get enough rain over those few days to see flash-flood warnings in the news. Even though we live by a major river we didn't have any problems with flooding. The rest of this month has been mostly sunny with a few rainy days.

What is your favorite weather? I personally appreciate a nice rainy day in the springtime. 

Love, Rebecca

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dad's 51st Birthday!

Last week we all got together at my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday!

Look how cute!

Molly is so chill and laid back.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Jeremiah and Justin chatting together

Collin and Brandon playing catch.

My dad got himself a tractor for his birthday. 

Caleb said to me that it was "Dad's cool hot-rod,"

Dad has wanted a tractor for years, I'm glad he finally got one.

Coffee grinder and beans from Collin and Sarah.

Gift cards to Lowe's from Brandon, Justin and I.

A 'mushy' card from mom

Stephanie had to read it because my dad NEEDS glasses even though he doesn't think so....

Awww birthday hugs!

Some kitchenware

Time for birthday pie!

Mom made shoo-fly pie.

Look how tall Jeremiah is!


My handsome little brother rockin' those cute dimples!

On our way home that night we passed a small fair so I snapped a photo of this Ferris wheel!

A BIG happy birthday to my dad and I hope you have many more to come!
Love, Rebecca

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend with My Family!

A few weeks ago my husband had to make a 7 hour road trip to be in one of his close friend's weddings. My back unfortunately prevented me from being able to make such a long trip and since Justin was going away overnight my family invited to stay with them.

Goofing around with Katey! We had so much fun working on a scrapbook together and playing games!

Katelyn was also VERY excited to get to play Animal Crossing on my 3DS

My handsome brothers Matt and Jeremiah. They wanted me to play Super Smash Bros. with them and of course they won! (I'm so bad at that game!)

The adorable Mr. Caleb!

We watched Spirited Away together on Friday night. It was fun to snuggle up all together on the couch and watch a movie like we used to before I got married.

On Saturday night my brother Collin and his wife Sarah invited me over for dinner and a movie.

Sarah with her energetic fur-ball Molly

I loved playing with Molly, she was just too funny!


And here is a very special little treat for you all! The first ultrasound of my future niece or nephew! Sarah has had morning sickness but she and baby are doing very well. We are hoping the baby will arrive before Christmas, as the estimated due date is Dec 19th. Collin has been joking that they will just put a bow on the baby as everyone's Christmas gifts!

Love, Rebecca

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