Monday, May 30, 2016

Mother's Day and a Surprise Party

Justin and I spent a lovely afternoon with his family for Mother's Day this year.  

We went to a cute little Italian restaurant to celebrate 

It was a lovely afternoon of celebrating my mother-in-law, my husband's grandma Nikki and honoring the memory of his late Grandma "Momma Mary" 

The food was amazing! 

 After the meal we spent the afternoon doing some yard work and gardening with my in-laws and enjoying the beautiful day.


My sister-in-law is going away on a mission's trip this summer so we threw her a surprise party a few days before she was to leave. 

My in-laws did a great job keeping it a surprise! 

Jessica was so excited about the little party

I hope she has a wonderful trip and she fully enjoys the experience 

We also got to catch up with a couple we knew during college 

Amanda and Bruce are currently on deputation to raise support to go on the mission field themselves. They want to minister to the deaf people of Ghana. They are both amazing at sign language.

Good old Shadow, he just turned 14 years old.

Nimbus looking handsome as always.

At the end of the day when it was starting to get dark there were bats flying around. Justin snapped this photo and I am quite impressed that he managed to get one clear shot, it is notoriously difficult to photograph in low light. Not to mention adding a moving object! 

We sang Happy Birthday to Shadow before Justin and I went home. His mom gave him a doggie frozen yogurt.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

It's a Kitten!

My cat has *such* a hard life you guys...sleeping and eating and playing... :)

My brother loves how cuddly Oliver is.

Justin chilling with our nephew

On to the kitten as promised in the title!  My brother and his wife already have a black and white cat named Molly and they wanted to get her a friend since she is shy. This is their new kitten Jack.

I had hurt my back a few weeks ago and my brother and sister-in-law were so kind to bring the kitten over for me to meet and to cheer me up. It worked! 

Oliver wasn't too sure about Jack though, but he was a good boy! 

Collin with his baby boys

Such a cute family

Look at those blues eyes. Apparently Jack's father is a long haired orange tabby so Collin is hoping he might end up a long haired cat like his dad.

I couldn't get over how tiny he was! 

A week later I was feeling better and got to see Jack interacting with Molly. 

She lets him know that she is the boss but will let him snuggle with her. 

Bonus pic: chubby baby toes! 

Love, Rebecca
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Baby Bunnies!

My husband's aunt had a special event this year with one of her rabbits having babies!  

I got to see them on Mother's day and they were so tiny! 

My sister-in-law Jessica with one of the babies 

This one looked like the dad rabbit 

So many tiny little furballs 

I thought the one on the left looked so much like my own rabbit Percy when he was a baby. 

a short clip of the rabbits in a basket

Here they are just 6 days later with Momma Rabbit and look how much they have grown! In just 6 days!! 

I think baby rabbits' ears are just the cutest thing 

So small 

I was so happy to get to hold them! There is just something about baby animals that is irresistible  

Love Rebecca
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Celebrating 30 Years

Collin, Sarah, Justin and I with the help of my grandparents threw a little party for my mom and dad to celebrate their 30th anniversary. We were originally supposed to have an outdoor picnic in my grandparent's backyard but the weather wasn't cooperating so unfortunately we had to move everything to the garage. Collin was able to make it look nice with streamers and decorations

Collin cooking the hamburgers and hotdogs

Grandpa taking care of his great-grandson. How precious is this photo? :)

Collin Levi's new thing is sticking out his tongue all the time. It is pretty cute.

Mom and Sarah! 

Mrs. E smiling for the photo!

Jeremiah ready for lunch!

My mom and dad 

My favorite bakery created this delicious and gorgeous cake based off of my parents' wedding cake

I think they did a great job

We played their song for them,

and then they cut the cake! 

Did I mention how delicious this cake was??

We tried to show Collin Levi bubbles but he wasn't too excited

We will have to try to show him bubbles again in a few months

So cute!!

My cousin was very excited about the bubbles! 
A great big congrats to my mom and dad on 30 years of marriage! 

A short clip of their party

love, Rebecca

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