Friday, June 30, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Shoot

 My sister was getting ready for a wedding and I said she looked just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and since we had a little time before the wedding we had an impromptu photo-shoot!

 We had gotten this rose bush as a mother's day gift years ago for my mom and it has flourished- so we had roses to use as a prop!

Katey was pretty excited!

Her dress wasn't quite as "twirl-errific" as I hoped but I got one cute photo!

Gotta have a book for Belle!

I had to remove a canopy behind her in post editing.

 Here's an un-edited shot. I had to remove the swing set from some pictures too!

 I wish I had focused the camera on her eyes instead of the rose but it's still pretty. I'm just picky.

A candid shot. She has a beautiful smile!

She keeps me young đź’“

 I made the flower hair piece for my wedding years ago. She still has it!

I had so much fun with this spontaneous photo shoot. It's awesome to have a "model" who is eager to pose for me!

Love, Rebecca
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