Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Notes

 My in-laws hosted the church's monthly Ember. It's a get together for young adults. My brother and his wife usually come too.

 Jenn made cupcakes!

 Collin's dog Brutus

gathering for nachos and cupcakes

 One more round of basketball before sunset

June is Oliver's birthday month!  He turned 3!

 He had some tuna for his birthday.

I sang happy birthday to him. My transformation into a crazy cat lady has begun.


I went to visit my grandparents

My grandpa turned 86 this June.

 His latest woodworking project


 June is strawberry month. My in-laws have strawberries in their garden so I was able to pick some!

gotta get artsy for Instagram...

 I made shortcake for breakfast!

I end with this fluffy plant-murderer. He managed to kill my bamboo and tried to kill my spider plant.

This plant used to have long leaves. It's residing on my fridge now. Away from the plant killer. 

Happy July!

Love, Rebecca
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