Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jeremiah Broke His Arm

 My 16 year old brother was playing on the swing set when the seat of the swing snapped. His legs hit a fence and he fell forward, snapping the two bones in his left forearm. He is right handed luckily.

My little brother spent a good portion of June 2nd in the emergency room with my parents. My mom and dad texted me updates throughout the day. Dad sent me this x-ray photo.

The emergency room nurses and an orthopedic specialist set the bones and put his arm in a splint. He would have to wait a week to see if the bones would heal on his own or if he would need surgery.

 Jeremiah had his follow up x-ray June 9th and he will need surgery. He is scheduled for surgery in a few days. He has been a real sport about this whole debacle and I hope his arm heal smoothly. We are making sure to spoil him thoroughly! Justin and I bought a video game for him that requires only one hand to play.

Reminder to everyone to check your playground equipment every year. This particular seat was about 9 years old and over time the plastic weakened and the chain cut through.

Get well soon little bro đź’“

Love, Rebecca
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