Monday, July 3, 2017

A Tale of a Picnic, a Thunder Storm and Fireworks

My husband's aunt hosts a 4th of July party every year on the same night as her town's fireworks show. It's always an impressive display and since the fireworks are practically exploding over her home we get a perfect view.

Aunt Stephanie always goes all out when it comes to decorations

I love this cute banner she made

Thunder was starting to rumble as we began the meal.

Aunt Stephanie made fresh meatballs and gnocchi.

She always goes above and beyond with the food. You never leave Aunt Stephanie's house hungry!

The sky was beginning to get grey but we kept on with the festivities.

Right as Justin and Cam began to play a game it started to rain.

Then it began pouring... we finished our meal inside.

A couple hours later the rain stopped just in time for the fireworks.

It was a beautiful display

I hope my fellow Americans have a fun 4th of July! 
Remember to be safe around fireworks!! 

Love, Rebecca

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