Wednesday, October 11, 2017


 My little piece of the sky is gone.

When my husband and I were forced to move this past March it quickly became apparent we were going to be unable to find an apartment that would let us bring all three of our pets.  

 I was beyond devastated about losing a pet because I take pet ownership very seriously. We simply could not find any apartments that would allow our cat, rabbit and bird, let alone ANY pets.

I had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome our bird. I was relieved though to find out that a relative of my husband was willing to take Zoey for us. I could still visit my little girl. I was still upset she couldn't be with us but thankful Zoey was close by. 

 I received the news no one wants to hear about their pets. My little girl had gone missing. 
My husband's relative believes she may have gotten outside when a door was opened.

It's been two weeks and I'm still a bit emotional about losing Zoey. I cling to the hope that maybe someone in the neighborhood found her and took her in.

I know some people might think "Meh, it's just a bird, it's sad but not a big deal." 
For me it is a big deal. I've lost a pet, she wasn't "just a bird" to me. She was my little girl, my little "fluffy-butt", she was obnoxious and silly and cute. 

Goodbye Zoey, I will miss you


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