Monday, December 10, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

 Merry Christmas 2018! 
This year my husband and his aunt surprised me with a real tree for Christmas. Justin goes to help his aunt pick out her tree every year and this year she gifted us a tree! This is my first time experiencing a real tree.

 So far I'm enjoying the experience. It is a little weird having to water a Christmas tree. I also couldn't be in the same room as the tree for the first day it was up because the pine scent was a bit overwhelming. 

 The following day the scent was much less overwhelming. I've enjoyed decorating it.
We went with a silver and blue theme with white twinkle lights

 More Christmas decor. It's definitely a mix of styles.
 Justin gave me the large deer for Christmas last year.

Grumpy Cat and the snowman were a thrift store find! 

Our vintage hand-painted 1978 nativity set from Justin's Grandma. I'm very thankful that our cat is not destructive with knick knacks so we can actually display these.

We put a tiny 15" tree in our bedroom. The tree was another thrift store find. 
The lights we added are LED and have a soft twinkle.

How the tree looks at night. 

These lights on the bookcase add so much cheer to our living room!

So pretty!

Here's Oliver enjoying the giant bunny in our living room. Justin got this for me last Christmas but it's clearly been stolen now! 😍

Love, Rebecca

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